The Adventures of The Indestructible Imp Girl

So, my daughter. She’s a rowdy. She’s happy, feisty, bouncy girl and  she’s full of energy. Constant. Energy. She’s ravenous at 6:30 AM, the  complete opposite of her brother who likes to lay in bed, cuddle, and read books or watch Netflix for a wee bit before getting up. Basically, she’s ready to cause a ruckus immediately upon opening her eyes.

She is at once bossy and charming. She thinks she can fly and hasn’t quite grasped the concept of bones; as in, the ones that are in her body and how they can break.

Oh, and she’s saucy. Not lippy perse, but just saucy; a budding sarcasm and wit leaning heavily towards mastering all things tom foolery. Which is all wrapped up in 2.5 cuddly feet of piggies (AKA pigtails, her favourite hairstyle of the moment. It’s requested daily.), toddler chunk, plump rosy cheeks, shining eyes, ear to ear grins all drenched in the frequent ringing of belly chuckles, made-up songs, and a rapidly developing vocabulary.

She is sweet and affectionate, nurturing and social. Her voice is like kitty cat meows, butterfly kisses, and random shrieking banshees dipped in syrup.

Oh, and she’s turning 2 next month. Damn that went fast.

If pictures could only do it justice…

  • The Definition of Imp 1 of 25

    Ain't nobody rocks the ruckus like she!

  • Little Comic 2 of 25

    Although she has a hard time keeping a straight face!

  • Undercover Snacker 3 of 25

    Accessories are a girl's best friend.

  • Diva 4 of 25

    Already. There's no stopping her.

  • Traces 5 of 25

    Everywhere I look, there is proof of her adorable, playful ways. These shoes serve as beddies (beds) for her mini bears and also snugglers. Because she likes to sleep with shoes of course.

  • Classic Imp Face 6 of 25

    Up to no good right here, about to examine all of those pretty, delicate plants on that there glass stand. (I know, why on earth do I have any of these things with a toddler? Because I refuse to give in.)

  • Behind The Wheel 7 of 25

    She wants to drive our van with everything's she's got. That and jump up and down in the driver's seat shouting, "FAST! FAST! VRUM! CRAAAAAASH!"

  • Everything is SO FUNNY 8 of 25

    All the time. It's very easy to entertain her by making ridiculous faces and dancing around like a monkey. Which I do, probably more often than normal.

  • Where’s Imp Girl? 9 of 25

    Can you spot her?

  • Shopping Is Serious Business 10 of 25

    As is wearing rain boots, fancy hats and fairy wings. At all times if she could.

  • Catch Her If You Can 11 of 25
    Toddler Girl Running

    Girl is FAST. Can't look away for a minute when we're out in public.

  • Chatterbox 12 of 25

    I can't always understand what she's saying; although everything is said with such conviction!

  • Monkey See, Monkey Do 13 of 25

    She copies and mimics everything her brother does. Which, as cute as it is, can be problematic. For the obvious reasons.

  • Mess is a Must 14 of 25
    Messy Toddler

    There is no fun to be had at meal-times if there isn't a big mess involved.

  • Shiny, Happy 15 of 25

    Just werkin' it for the camera. As one does.

  • Mischief 16 of 25

    It's all in those lovely eyes. I've got it bad for this one. I think she likes me too.

  • Big Girl 17 of 25

    She can dress herself, dontchaknow!

  • She’s Got This 18 of 25

    For some reason, she loves bath-time, brushing her teeth and brushing her hair. The complete opposite of her brother—which I'm probably jinxing right now by acknowledging it.

  • Mud Pie Maven 19 of 25

    Mud pies and freezies. They're her thing.

  • Not Shy 20 of 25

    She has no problem speaking her mind. None whatsoever.

  • Busy Bee 21 of 25

    She loves to help me with the chores. Folding laundry, watering the garden, and prepping veggies in the kitchen are her top 3. Yes, this is her favourite dress this summer. She'll wear it as often as it's clean.

  • Clowning 101 22 of 25

    A fine art she has already mastered. Also? Tutus and jammies. 

  • Funny Faces 23 of 25

    She's a pro.

  • Neighbourhood Fairy 24 of 25

    Not your average, run of the mill sprite. She's not down with the whole vampire thing.

  • Must Be Hereditary 25 of 25
    Like Mother, Like Daughter?

    I've no idea where she gets it from.


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