The Age of Miracles: Hank The Tank Part 2 (Photos)


Part 1 is here!

The year between one year old and two is mind-blowing. It’s the year your child bids babyhood adieu and toddles directly into toddlerhood. And not so much toddlerhood as personhood.

Googoos and gagas are a thing of the past, replaced with incessant questions about the mysterious objects in our household that include but aren’t limited to the dishwasher, the record player, the coffeemaker, the ceiling fan, the silverware drawer, my tampons, the plunger, the food in the refrigerator, the dryer, light sockets, lamps, the DVD player, the buttons on my sweater…

One year ago Henry was a baby sucking down bottles, scooting around on the floor and barely managing a garbled ‘mama’ and ‘dada.’ Now he refuses the cart at the grocery store in favor of walking as we casually converse about our purchases.

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