The Baby of the Family is No Longer a Baby


no longer the babyOur fourth child, Zeke is our last child and I am that mom who refuses to let her baby grow up. Yeah, I know all kids should grow up, but my baby isn’t even 2 yet so I should have at least another year of him as a baby… right?

WRONG. Zeke is demanding to be treated as a toddler.

I first blamed a shift in Zeke’s temperament on our crazy summer schedule. Well, we are back on track with his normal routine and my baby, well is refusing to be a baby.

He is No Longer a Baby

Cuddle time now lasts a few minutes before he realizes that there are other things to do that are more fun. Our nightly routine now includes a temper tantrum and a good scream session of the word “NO!”. He and has joined forces with his brother in trying to over throw our house rules like no food outside of the kitchen. And Zeke’s new favorite activity? rough housing with his brother.

I can’t believe in 2 weeks this kid will be 2. I can’t believe we are done having babies. I can’t believe that my baby doesn’t want to be the baby. Yeah, I know… time to get over myself and mom pity, I just love this kid and don’t want him to grow up as fast as our others.

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