The Best Gift for Grandma

Buy a small scrapbook and you can make a "brag book" grandma can carry around.

I spent an hour last night perusing all the photos I’ve taken so far this summer. I’m trying to get a jump on the scrapbooks I plan on giving to both grandmas for Christmas.

I did this last year and it was a smashing success. Tears and blubbering grandmas equals pure awesome.

And it was so easy!  Here’s what I did:

I bought two scrapbooks for less than ten bucks apiece. The kind of scrapbooks that have really heavy card stock type paper on which you can glue photos. Then I picked out about 30 of my favorite photos of our family from throughout the year and a bunch of photos of each grandma with the kids. I had them developed in various sizes like 8×10, 5X7 and 4X6. I even printed out sheets of paper will 9 fun wallet size photos on them.

I spent a couple hours cutting photos and gluing them into the scrapbooks. Obviously the photos of each grandma with the grandkids went into the books I had designated for that grandparent. I kept it clean and simple. No stickers or doodles, just nice photos on black paper. They turned out great! Very clean and classic looking.

I wrapped each scrapbook in a big red bow and voila! Inexpensive, heartfelt gift from the heart, one each grandma can enjoy forever.

When it comes to digital Vs. physical scrapbooking I gotta figure all grandmas are partial to physical. The internet-savvy grandma is rare, to be sure. Plus I think that because they’re accustomed to physical photos, ones they can carry around and bore other people to tears with, they prefer a physical scrapbook.

Another way to make a quick and easy gift for the grandparents: check out Wendy’s new scrapbooking app. It allows you to upload a slew of your favorite photos and customize a scrapbook. When you’re done you can buy it as a printed book for just $7.60 which is even less effort and money than my first suggestion and grandma never has to know you spent less than eight bucks on her beautiful brag book!

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