The Best Night Of The Week For Walking

trash can
Who knew a trash can could be so exciting?

My 18-month old has entered the phase where he takes great pride in identifying everything possible. Whenever we are out and he makes eye contact with a stranger, he immediately points toward me and says loudly, “mama!” – almost as if he feels threatened and needs to assure them he’s with his bodyguard.

His other favorite thing to identify is a cup. Never in my life have I seen anyone so into cups. I guess it’s because he spent a good chunk of his first year hanging out in Seattle coffee shops with mom and dad. If any at point anywhere he sees someone carrying a to-go cup of coffee or a thermos (which is everyone in Seattle), he points and yells “UP!” or “HOT!” If we go into a coffee shop or get drinks of our own, it is an absolute necessity that Cullen gets an (empty) cup of his own, or else he will bring down the house with his ranting.

The cup thing has been going on for a while. But his latest obsession? Trash cans. Big, smelly trash cans that sit on the side of people’s houses, or better yet – are pulled out to the curb for trash night. He doesn’t really have a word yet to identify these – we’re working on “trash” and “garbage,” but both are pretty tough. He can spot one 100 yards away and points and grunts frantically when he sees one.

For many, many long months, we’ve been in a major stroller slump. Walking has been impossible, as any length of time in the stroller has resulted in thrashing, screaming, and major disruption to anyone within 200 feet of us. A few things have changed recently – Cullen has gotten a bit older, we got a new stroller, and he fell in love with trash cans. I know that sounds ridiculous, but has seriously made walking so much more enjoyable these past few weeks.

I took him for a stroll tonight (over 2 miles!) and realized once we were out that it was trash night. I felt like I could hear angels singing as Cullen happily occupied himself pointing out and smiling at trash cans, and I got to say, “that’s right – TRASH!” and walk in peace. Mondays are definitely our new walking night – hallelujah!

Photo source:  iStockphoto