The Best ViviGrams of 2012: Episode One

I have had access to Instagram for just over 8 months. I have to admit, for the longest time I thought it was pretty lame, a lazy way to make crappy phone pictures look slightly better. What I didn’t realize is there’s an entire community aspect to Instagram, all the love, support, connection and friendship I have on twitter and facebook but visual. Oh how I love visual. Sure, I’ve doctored up a few crappy photos with Instagram, but I’d like to think I’m making the moments the way I remember them.

So many moments.

If you’ll forgive me, since Vivi made the transition from baby to toddler this year the first round of ViviGrams is of baby Vivi. A little Vivi who couldn’t walk at first, a little Vivi with manageable hair, a little Vivi who didn’t delight in taking her sister’s toys and screaming at the top of her lungs at random moments. It was hard to narrow down nearly 700 photos to a couple dozen, but I did it. (Including a very monumental one, the one where Vivi fell in love with Bunny.)

  • Babywearing in a Bathroom 1 of 16
    Babywearing in a Bathroom
    Nothing makes memories like a photo in a super pink bathroom at an arts fair.
  • Bunny Snooze 2 of 16
    Bunny Snooze
    Proof I need more sleeping babies in my life.
  • Kissin’ Sisters 3 of 16
    Kissin' Sisters
    Hello most perfect moment ever.
  • Babywearing in the Liquor Store 4 of 16
    Babywearing in the Liquor Store
    So many of you know I don't drink, so why am I in the Salt Lake liquor store? Well, my friend needed to make a stop for some things, my parents found out I was going and asked if I could pick up a few things. I've never felt so out of place.
  • Long Darn Day 5 of 16
    Long Darn Day
    Hee! This one is funny. It was one of those days where we had both had enough.
  • Lucky Bunny 6 of 16
    Lucky Bunny
    This was the first nap Vivi ever took with bunny. A very monumental moment I can't believe I was lucky enough to capture.
  • New Room 7 of 16
    New Room
    This was right after a pretty major room reorganization, she was probably wondering where all her toys went.
  • Bunny Shadow 8 of 16
    Bunny Shadow
    Proof bunny goes everywhere.
  • Shopping 9 of 16
    We had to take grandma to the clinic, to pass the time Vivi did a little light shopping (while I did a lot of heavy putting back.)
  • Sleepy Snoozy 10 of 16
    Sleepy Snoozy
    Oh what I wouldn't give to have a baby fall asleep on me again. *sigh*
  • Sleepy Snuggle 11 of 16
    Sleepy Snuggle
    I can still feel (and hear) her little snuffles in my ear...
  • Sunny Sunshine 12 of 16
    Sunny Sunshine
    To think, I thought her hair was long then.
  • Vivi in a Sink 13 of 16
    Vivi in a Sink
    Need to get your hair and makeup done? Put your baby in a farmhouse sink with a dribble of water!
  • Walking with Grandpa 14 of 16
    Walking with Grandpa
    This is one of the biggest reasons I miss living close to my parents.
  • I’m Walking Here! 15 of 16
    I'm Walking Here!
    The little fingers! The all business attitude!
  • Watching Ellen 16 of 16
    Watching Ellen
    This became our weekday afternoon tradition, big glass of water, Ellen on the TV. Once Vivi became mobile and more interested in the toilet, our tradition, well, went down the toilet.

Ready for Vivi as a toddler? Go forth to episode two of Vivi’s best square photos of 2012.

Article Posted 3 years Ago
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