The Cutest Two Words You've Ever Heard (VIDEO)

Photo credit: Meredith Carroll
You can probably imagine that darling things come out of that sweet little mouth

They’re probably not even really words. But my little Peony, 1, has taken to throwing things down on the ground and then exclaiming, “Uh oh!”

It’s partly so freaking adorable because, of course, “Uh oh!” is usually exclaimed when something is done by accident, not on purpose. But it’s also so freaking cute because the way she says it makes you want to pour butter over her and eat her like she’s a tub of popcorn. She’s just that delicious.

Oh, what’s also really cute? When she throws stuff down and says “Uh oh!”, she’ll then look down on the ground with delight to make sure she’s done exactly what she’s set out to do. (Which, by the way, she always does.) She gets that the whole thing is a game, and she just loves to play it.

Check out this super-short “Uh oh!” video and see if you can’t tell why I’m just smitten like a kitten:

Photo & video credit: Meredith Carroll

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