The Cutest Word in the Whole Wide World (VIDEO)

Photo credit: Meredith Carroll
If you’re imagining that whatever comes out of her mouth is eminently adorable, you would be correct.

OK, maybe I’m biased, but my little Peony has redefined what it means to be an exceptionally adorable toddler.

Because there’s a little Irish blood coursing through her veins, I bought some shamrock cookies for St. Patrick’s Day. They’ve got green icing and sprinkles and if you’re 18 months old and don’t get dessert too often, they’re kind of like a little slice of heaven in your booster seat.

She had one after lunch on Sunday and when it came time for dinner, she wouldn’t eat what was on her plate. She just kept pointing to the container of cookies on the counter and begging for one. Her pronunciation of “cookie” has since been deemed (by my husband and me) to be the cutest damn word in the entire freakin’ world.

Take a listen and just try to disagree:

Photo/video credit: Meredith Carroll

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