The Diapering Times of Huckleberry Holbrook


Hey guys! Huck here, talkin’ diapers. These days I am a rascally rascal and I don’t like lying still for diaper changes. Can you blame me? It’s such embarrassment! But Mom’s figured out a few tricks to help me be patient and even enjoy it! I’m sharing them after the jump. You know, ’cause my Mom asked me to and stuff.

So, I’m twenty months now, right? BIG BOY. HUGE BOY. I’m starting to get real good at singing songs and knowing all the hand motions. Mom figured out that if she starts singing my favorite songs before changing my diaper, that I’ll hold still to sing along with her and show her all my hand moves while she pulls off my pants and re-diapers my bum.

Bonus: it keeps my hands OUT OF THE POOP. Which is hard to do ’cause, you know, I love sticking my hands in my poop! It’s just funny to watch Mom freak out, you know?

Anyway. Hope that little tip will help you with your own squirmy, poopy-handed, charming toddlers.

Love, Huck.

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