The Diapering Times of Huckleberry Holbrook


Hi guys! Huck here. The other day Mom asked me to make a list of the weirdest places I’ve had my diaper changed. Doesn’t that sound like fun? It’s after the jump!

All The Strange Places I’ve Had My Diaper Changed

a list by Huck (hey that’s me!)

1. Behind an Aztec temple in Mexico…. at Epcot at Disney World. Olé!

2. In a Forever 21 dressing room. Many, many times. Usually the same one. (Mom has a routine.)

3. In an airplane bathroom. Oh gosh that was the worst.

4. On an airplane seat. After Mom realized how awful it was to change my diaper in the bathroom. Live and learn!

5. In my Mom’s lap. Yeah, she’s super talented.

6. On the floor of a car. (I promise it wasn’t moving!)

7. At the playground. Like, only a million times.

8. On an empty subway train.

9. In a dark corner at H&M. That one was a HUGE blowout, I was sorta proud of it.

10. In my stroller. Isn’t there some saying about not pooping where you sleep? Or is it where you eat? Um, well, yes to both in this case.

Fellow babies: Where’s the weirdest place you’ve had your diaper changed?

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