The End Of The Mullet Is Nigh

toddler messy hair
What was once a cute mullet is now a nest for a creature of sorts.

Remember how a few months ago I was all high and mighty about the fact that my toddler had a mullet and I wasn’t gonna cut it?

Yeah. I got problems.

Big problems.

Look at this hair. I comb it every night and morning, but as soon as he takes a nap or a long sleep, it looks like this when he wakes up. It’s a hassle, I tell you.

I love his long blonde locks so much that I really hesitate to give him a short little boy haircut.

I worry that his hair will eventually grow in another color or texture, like my older son’s did.

So what should I do? What are my options?

To cut or not to cut, that is the question. And if I cut, how?

I don’t envy my sister, whose 5 year old has the same hair down to her waist. The knots are unbearable.

Mullets, Mohawks … and More Toddler Hair Fails

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