The (Final) Foods and Snacks of Huckleberry Holbrook

Hi guys! Huck again, with my very last food blog. Tonight I’m going to share with you my very favorite junk foods. You know, food that you should only ever give your toddler sparingly. Like, when you’re bribing him. After the jump!


Belgian chocolate, frozen. Yummmmmm. Not to brag or anything but I totally know how to open the freezer door. Now, I don’t actually know where Mom hides the chocolate in there though? One of these days I’ll find it! Hey, if Mom buys organic chocolate does that mean it’s not actually junk? 😉

Twizzlers! Confession time: I like to bite it, chew on it a little, and then spit it onto my lap. Try it, it’s so cool.

Saltwater taffy! Yeah, refined palate. Plus, I really like chewy stuff.

Gummy bears! Mom used to freak out when Dad would give them to me but I was like, MOM. I almost have all my teeth. When are you going to let me chew my own food in peace? Come on, lady.

Cheddar buns! Cheddar buns are what we call Amy’s Organic Cheddar Bunnies. I don’t like goldfish crackers really, because fish is gross! Buns, though. YES TO BUNS.

Lastly: Organic banana leather! Right, sooooo. It’s technically fruit, but it’s got so much sugar in it that Mom’s pretty sure she shouldn’t let me have it every day. But oh man, I have dreams of banana leather. Banananananaaanaanaaaa!

So, thanks for letting me talk on and on and on about food, guys! I’m not much of an expert. I mean, I’m not even two yet! But hopefully you’ve enjoyed reading as much as I’ve enjoyed writing. And sorry for all the yogurt smears on the laptop, Mom.  (Mom says I shouldn’t snack at the computer, but I can’t help it! Typing makes me hungry!)

I’ll see you all over at my regular blog!




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