The Foods And Snacks of Huckleberry Holbrook

Hi guys! It’s Huck! For the next couple weeks I’m gonna be blogging to you about the food I eat! I mean, don’t you love food? Well, it’s not as good as boobs, but it’s alright . . .

Here’s what I think about food so far:

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    Hi guys! Let's talk about food.

    Food and babies is, like, a really big deal. Sometimes I wish we could just nurse and take bottles forever! I have a complicated relationship with food. Like, I want it, sometimes. You know what I mean.
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    Mom and I decided to delay solids, and then since I had some teeth we skipped the rice cereal/oatmeal phase and went straight to the real stuff. My first taste of food was an organic avocado. Yum! I loved it! Bananas I wasn't so sold on. Anything pureed was GROSS. Beef bulgogi was my favorite!
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    Mom was real proud of all the hard work she put into making me fat and happy while we were breastfeeding, so when it came time for solids, she only wanted to feed me the really pure, from-the-ground stuff. (Or, you know, from a tree was cool too.) She made sure to buy organic whenever she could. She figured my body was so little, and the foods I was eating were so new to me, so she wanted it to be as natural and simple as possible.
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    Now that I'm a big boy (SO BIG!) Mom feels the same way. But she also wants me to try EVERYTHING. She gives me bites of whatever she eats, even the spicy stuff. And now I LOVE chicken curry! But sometimes I get stubborn. Sometimes I only want to eat what I want to eat! So she makes sure she buys only whole wheat bread for my PBHs, and only full fat, organic yogurts. So even if I'm only eating one kind of food a day, it's the good kind. She doesn't worry about it as much if ALL I want is string cheese, so long as the string cheese I'm eating is free of weird ingredients.
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    I also get plenty of treats, too! Mom says treats shouldn't be forbidden. Junk food is fine, so long as it is in small doses, and it isn't pretending to be real food. (Like super sugary yogurts and "juice.") Mom hopes I'll get just as excited about a really perfect peach as I get about a really juicy sour candy. And I get REALLY excited about juicy sour candies!


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