The Gadgets That I Rely On Most (& When!)


Life with toddlers, as we know…can be more than a little bit hectic, more than often. I for one (joining many, many others) feel no qualms about coveting the gadgets that we’ve become accustomed to making our lives easier.

Without them? Mornings would be a hot mess (heck, they are that sometimes, even with our trusty tech gear) and dinner-time prep would leave me with two dead weights errr, children attached to my legs and/or under my feet sobbing about the injustices of my meal-making.

Check out my family’s Top 5 Gadgets That We Couldn’t Live Without…after the jump! (You’ll probably be surprised. At least I was when I admitted what they were.)

  • Apple Gear 1 of 5
    Apple Gear
    We, like many families - rely perhaps a little too heavily on our iPads, iPhones and laptops for extra curricular entertainment, not just work. Especially early in the morning when we might want to sleep a little longer (best toddler distraction EVER), or when we need to prep meals.
    The iPhone 5? It's on my wish-list for the Holidays...
  • Family-Sized Electric Nonstick Griddle 2 of 5
    Family-Sized Electric Nonstick Griddle
    Because obviously. Toddler s NEED pancakes everyday for breakfast, or else it's the end of the world didn't you know?
    Get it from Amazon, $38.33
  • Battery Powered Spinbrush 3 of 5
    Battery Powered Spinbrush
    My little man simply can't live without's made tooth-brushing less of a survivor sport for all.
    Get it from Amazon, $3.38
  • Cloud B Twilight Constellation Night Light 4 of 5
    Cloud B Twilight Constellation Night Light
    If we don't have this constellation shining it's love beams of magic and wonder each and every bed-time...there's problems.
    Get it from Amazon, $36.95
  • Eureka Quick Up Cordless 2 in 1 5 of 5
    Eureka Quick Up Cordless 2 in 1
    Oh, my - how the times have changed wherein this makes it anywhere on any of my top 5 lists. That sad fact aside, this bad boy seriously makes my life infinitely easier. Anyone with toddlers knows that meal-times result in a tidal wave of destruction.
    Get it from Amazon, $33.98

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