The Gradual Weaning of The Beloved Soosie (A Tale in Parts)

From whence it all began.
From whence it all began.

We’re at the 19th month mark with little Abby and her attachment to the beloved soosie. There are many names for it around the world; pacifier, dummy, plug, soother, etc. But around these parts, soosie has reigned supreme.

Not sure why, or who, started calling it that. My memory has no recollection of its origins, which just confirms my brain cells are shrivelling up.

You may re-call that a couple of months back we attempted at taking the rail off of Abby’s convertible crib-into-toddler-bed, which didn’t go all that well.

As in it came to a screeching halt because it went so badly. She just wasn’t ready.

What can I say? My little girl likes to be caged and she definitely loves her soosie. In even entertaining the thought of weaning her off of its golden attributes, my spine starts to quiver, my hands get clammy and my head starts to shake. Dramatic perhaps, but it’s true.

I know we’re in for it.

I also know that her mouth is nearly full of all her baby teeth, and it just isn’t good for her to be sucking on that thing anymore.


A few weeks ago we said good-bye to bottles and it went surprisingly well. On occasion she’ll ask for it when she’s just had a flash-back of their magnificent existence. She’ll look at me side-ways while asking with a little scowl, “Bobo’s?” (Bottle.)

I talk to her about being a big girl and that it’s no more bottles for her and she usually cuts me off mid-stride with a howl and a body-to-the-floor scream of , “Noooo!” for good measure.

But it doesn’t last long and she forgets about it just as quick as I can ask her, “Where’s your baby Abby?!?!”

The soosie however, I’m fully hip to the fact that this one will leave a mark.

So we’ve begun to wean her of it gradually, if there is such a thing. Which I’m inclined to think there is because it seems to be working! We only give it to her when she absolutely seems to need it, else her head will pop off – naps, bed time, and car rides. She’ll try and suck on it throughout the day when playing and we take it away, telling her she’s a magnificent big girl who doesn’t need that action to play or read.

Again, we’ll get a side-ways look, but for the most part she doesn’t kick up a fuss.

Now, we’re just steps closer to the inevitable… sitting outside her bedroom door and engaging in a little ring-around-the-bedtime, fun, wow, wheeeee! Essentially, I know we’re not going to get her off of the soosie scott-free and we can expect to suck it up and support her loss with patience and lots of soothing. As well as teaching her some self-soothing to boot.

Do you think we should do it at the same time as taking the side-rail off of her crib again?

Yeah right! I may be weird, but I’m not certifiable!

Do tell, how did you get you little one(s) off of their soosies? I’d love to hear. Dish up mamas.


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