The Last Thing I Want to Hear Before I Die

Serge and Violet at his surprise 40th birthday party.

I planned a surprise 40th birthday party for Serge this year.  It is my theory that everyone should have at least one really excellent surprise party during their lifetime.

I cannot believe I was able to pull it off.  People traveled from as far away as Florida to attend.  When he walked into the house and I slid open our dining room doors and we all screamed SURPRISE I do believe his mind was thoroughly blown.

There are a lot of highlights I could tell you about and, yes, some lowlights too, but the best part of the entire weekend, for me anyway, is the moment you are about to see.

I could watch this video a million times and it would never be enough.  In fact, the last thing I want to hear in the world, the very last sounds I hear before I drop into that eternal slumber, is this sweet, wavering, little voice singing this song.