The Life And Times Of Our Heroine, Wylet

Angelic expression belies the scheming constantly underway.

Like every certified member of the mamarazzi I take hundreds of photos of my kids each month. Most of ’em just languish on my hard drive, never to be seen again. And that bums me out. I mean, what’s the point of all the snapping of photos if I’m not going to do anything with them?

So I figured I’m going to start a monthly wrap up of what’s going down over here. A couple photos showcasing the life and times of our heroine, Wylet. And hey, I’ll call it that too. Maybe pasting up some of my favorite photos here will alleviate some of the guilt of uploading all the pics to the photo graveyard of my computer.

If I’m feeling super ambitious I may try to make it a weekly thing like the very lovely and accomplished Nat The Fat Rat does with her Huckleberry. Maybe. I’m not very accomplished (or very lovely) though so maybe not. We’ll see.

ANYway. Check it out. The life and times of Wylet during the month of June, 2012. Please to enjoy.

  • Please to give me some ice cream? 1 of 19
    Please to give me some ice cream?
    Ice cream? Ice cream? Please? ICE CREAM? Seriously. ICE CREAM??
  • Pretty please? 2 of 19
    Pretty please?
    Ice cream? Yes?
  • YESSSSSS 3 of 19
    Ice cream cup!
  • Chillin’ With Pop 4 of 19
    Chillin' With Pop
    What up, Dad? I just popped by on my trike to say hey and stuff. Wanna pet my tiger Speaky?
  • Goodbye White Castle 5 of 19
    Goodbye White Castle
    Watching the horses and buggies pass The White Castle is one of my favorite things to do.
  • Family 6 of 19
    Last few days at the old house that I call The White Castle
  • This is how I look when I think about ice cream 7 of 19
    This is how I look when I think about ice cream
    Strawberry is nice but chocolate is so delicious.
  • Daddy’s Little Helper 8 of 19
    Daddy's Little Helper
    I have helped Dad mow the lawn nearly from the first few months of my life. This time Henry got to ride in the backpack but only because I said he could. That's MY seat. Ma-ax! You're blocking my shot!
  • Porch Hangin’ 9 of 19
    Porch Hangin'
    When do the fireflies come, mama?
  • Look! It’s Wylet 10 of 19
    Look! It's Wylet
    It's me! I'm so cute, mama, huh?
  • Deep in thought 11 of 19
    Deep in thought
    Just give me a minute, please. I'm contemplating the universe here. And ice cream. I'm thinking about ice cream.
  • Seashells 12 of 19
    Dad took me to the Jersey Shore to play on the beach. Except I don't think this bucket is going to be big enough.
  • Pop-Pop and Me 13 of 19
    Pop-Pop and Me
    That's my Pop-Pop. He's my favorite besides my dad.
  • Beach Babe 14 of 19
    Beach Babe
    Can you put the camera down already so we can get in the water? Geesh!
  • Seriously! 15 of 19
    Enough with the photos!
  • Naptime Is Over 16 of 19
    Naptime Is Over
    Building sandcastles really takes it outta ya. Can you move out of my way, you big camera-obsessed oaf? I'm trying to see the TV!
  • Mad Skillz 17 of 19
    Mad Skillz
    Check me out! I'm balancing!
  • I’m Bizy 18 of 19
    I'm Bizy
    You again with the camera?
  • Drink Please? 19 of 19
    Drink Please?
    I know I just asked for one, like, two seconds ago, but can I have another drink from the hose please?

You can also find Monica on her personal blog, The Girl Who.

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