The Life of the Party


Yesterday we took both kids to a birthday party. It was smack dab in the middle of afternoon nap time so I decided to keep Little Bean awake instead of letting him go down and then waking him to leave.

I knew he’d fall asleep in the car and assumed he’d get one of those 10 minute cat nap refreshers. You know, the ones where they fall asleep moments from the house and then won’t go back down for nap when you get them home.

I never understood that.

Anyway, he fell asleep about 5 minutes before arriving and I told the husband to just bring him in in the carrier. Maybe we’d get him to sleep just a little longer so he wouldn’t be such a grump.

An hour and half later…

Still out!

I was shocked but that’s what kids do, isn’t it?

The opposite of what you expect.

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