The Little Boy Who Preferred Pumpkin Pie (& Other Such Fall Niceties)

Last weekend was Thanksgiving on Canadian soil. A holiday I have mixed feelings about, but very thankful for the life I now live and the children I’ve been blessed to have. The ones I never thought I’d have. They’ve turned into great explorers with mature taste-buds and are fearless at heart. Fall is a time of year all of the harvest is coming in and we’re left with no choice but to feast and celebrate. To soak in every last drop of that finite mix of cool air meets warm sun.

We’ve been off on many a great adventure these past couple of weeks and there’s a lot of cute to catch up on. There is a little boy who relished in his first taste of pumpkin pie (you can find my recipe here), and actually preferred it over apple. There is a tiny girl who runs everywhere, at lightening speed – tumbling all over the place and hollering in the face of anyone who tries to stop her.

And then there’s just me, documenting this daily delight and savouring every. Last. Drop.

It’s what helps me glide less than gracefully through all of the daily meltdowns, the boob drop-kicks, the food hurling and the siblings driving each-other bat-shit crazy. It’s fun-time / crazy-time over at the Mills homestead, join us in our fall-time adventuring…

  • This is my Boy 1 of 11
    This is my Boy
    Wyndham the Great Explorer. Both a great mountaineer and King of the Bouncy Castle.
  • This is My Boy on Pie 2 of 11
    This is My Boy on Pie
    As seen here, been given a sliver of a slice of each kind. He passed completely on the apple (after a lick and a shudder - I mean, who shudders at apple pie?!) and exclaimed gleefully over the pumpkin pie's delicious-ness. And also in sitting on his favourite girl's lap.
  • Fall Fashionista 3 of 11
    Fall Fashionista
    It's all about tights, shoes, hats, coats, and vests for this little girl. Don't be fooled into thinking it's all me either. She points to what she wants to wear.
  • A Father’s Work is Never Done 4 of 11
    A Father's Work is Never Done
    I've got to give it to the burly one. He invites and envokes the calm into our little family unit. Which is much needed given the toddlers running amok and me their easily frazzled mother hanging about. There. I said it. I'm an easily frazzled mother. Is there even such a thing? Or are we all much too hard on ourselves? I have questions people. I has them.
  • Tiny Spek 5 of 11
    Tiny Spek
    She is my fearless one. Her bro was always much more cautious and only recently has he truly begun to embrace such things as rolling down hills. And that bouncy castle a few slides back? No way in HELL would he jump around in one of those things before. That was his first time. Like I was saying. This one on the other hand, will dive and careen and run head first into any all situations.
  • Pumpkin Picker 6 of 11
    Pumpkin Picker
    He insisted on picking the pumpkin up himself and was quite proud at his accomplishment. Yes, our pumpkin is green. It's been pretty dire growing conditions for pumpkins around these parts.
  • Never Far Apart 7 of 11
    Never Far Apart
    For all of the poking and prodding and general annoyances these two inflict upon each-other, you mostly wouldn't know it. You know, if you're a nice stranger just looking at pictures of how adorable they are. Or me, 20 years from now, when all of that raucous melts away and all that's left are the sweet captures.
  • I’m Still Bigger Than You… 8 of 11
    I'm Still Bigger Than You...
    Unfortunately, these days it would seem as if I live to be the demise of Abby. In her mind surely. I can still pick her up when she attempts to launch herself over fences or continually gets caught up in pumpkin chords and vines, falling umpteenth times into a muddy mess. It is I, the evil mama, who picks her up and stops all of her fun.
  • Everyday Amusement 9 of 11
    Everyday Amusement
    No matter where we go, or what we do, everything is an adventure. Everything is amusing. The signage at the pumpkin farm we went to was particularly this for Wyndham.
  • He Who Conquers 10 of 11
    He Who Conquers
    Is it a cow? Is it a toddler? No! It's a BOY!
  • Then & Now 11 of 11
    Then & Now
    A comparative look at us last year and this year, against our favourite fall-time back-drop. Yes, I will make this a tradition. You can't stop me.

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