The Little Little Girl with the Big Big Voice


We have a wonderful new book in our house called The Little Little Girl with the Big Big Voice. Written and illustrated by Kristen Balouch, it perfectly and playfully captures the feeling of a little girl who does not have a sweet, quiet voice, but rather a BIG, BIG VOICE. In this story, the little girl goes out to look for a playmate, but she keeps scaring away the animals she meets with her big voice. Until she meets her match, that is.

(Read more and see some interior pages after the jump.)

She came upon a snake swinging in the tree.

But something scared the snake away.

I love the illustrations in this book! Love the colors. Love the stylized animals. Love the booming sound waves that come across the page. How fun!

Do you know any little girls or boys with big voices? I do. I live with one, in fact. And I thought this was a fun way to celebrate that big voice instead of always reminding her to use her “inside voice.”

Note: This book was sent to me by Simon & Schuster, the publisher. I don’t always write about the books I receive, but this one I absolutely loved.

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