The Longest Day Ever


hour glass sandToday was rough.

Actually, if I examine closely, there were lots of good things about today. Shnook had no tantrums. We went to the farm. Lunch was delicious. It was a beautiful day. I accomplished all of my intended errands. I talked to a few adults.

In all, not bad.

But holy cow was it long…and exhausting. For starters My sleep was terrible last night. I was anxious, because T, my husband was going on a business trip just for the day. He said he’d be home in the evening. He’d been gone far longer before, but for some reason, I was stressed out about it. Coupled with Fuzz’s still often night-wakings made it even worse.

Then the day started. I feel it necessary to give you a play by play just so you can suffer along with me. Here we go…
At 6:30 am T left the house.
Around 6:45 am Shnook came into my bed demanding cereal and gummy vitamins.
At 7:15 am we actually got up after trying to negotiate with him to go back to sleep. Note to self: this never results. in any extra sleep for me. During this time I served Shnook his breakfast, got him to change into his underpants, washed a few dishes, made more dishes, killed about 10 carpenter ants, and made a cup of coffee.
At 7:45 am Fuzz woke up. Shnook requested his second bowl of cereal.
At 8 am I changed Fuzz’s diaper and made him some oatmeal.
At 8:04 am Shnook requested oatmeal.
At 8:11 am Fuzz spilled the remainder of Shnook’s cereal.
At 9 am I finally had everyone dressed (me, not showered, of course)
At 9:22 am we made it into the car to drive to the farm.
At 10:14 am we stopped at a gas station because Fuzz was freaking out in the back seat.
At 10: 35 am we finally left the gas station after changing Fuzz’s diaper, Shnook’s pee stop, and negotiating regular milk instead of chocolate milk beverage choice.
We made the 11:00 tractor at the farm.
At 11:20 we got to the barn and went to the bathroom again.
At 11:35 we went to the lunch cart and ordered.
At 12:00 our food arrived and we ate it, but there were a lot of flies.
At 12:25 We went to look at the animals.
At 12:30 We started a walk through the woods, up a big hill.
At 12:33 Shnook decided abruptly that he was too tired and wanted to go home and started doing the pee dance again.
By 12:45 We managed to pee and get back on the tractor to the parking lot.
At 1:00 Fuzz finally fell asleep in the stroller right before I had to put him back in his carseat.
By 1:30 we got to downtown Burlington and parked in a parking structure.
At 1:40 we took the elevator down to Church Street.
At 1:45 we arrived at the location of a barber shop a friend had told me about. But there was no barber shop. We inquired about another one and were pointed about half a mile away. Shnook said he was too tired to walk, but Fuzz was already asleep in the stroller. (Ticking off another instance where a double-stroller would come in handy, darn it). Shnook accepted a ride on my back in the Ergo.
At 2:10 We arrived at the salon and they took him right away (yay!)
Shnook was VERY WELL-BEHAVED for his haircut.
At 2:30 we left the haircut place and sat outside for a while Fuzz and Shnook played in a small park with crab apples. I spent a lot of time throwing crab apples out of range.
At 3:00 We went back inside to pee at the salon. Then, I put Shnook back on my back and pushed the stroller back up the hill to the car.
At 3:30 I drove home, fighting my own exhaustion, while Shnook slept and Fuzz complained.
At 4:00 I stopped at our tiny local post office to forward our mail back to LA. I brought the kids inside with me.
At 4:20 We arrived back home and went back down to the house for a pee stop. Then we took another walk on our block. This time with Fuzz on my back, Shnook in the stroller. We talked to some neighbors along the way.
At 5:00 We went back to our house and the kids played (i.e. grabbed toys from each other and screamed a lot). I briefly looked at my e-mail on my phone but was unable to respond to anything.
At 6:00 I brought the kids outside to play and began to wonder what “evening” meant since I hadn’t heard from T all day. I tried to call him but he didn’t pick up.
At 6:15 He called me back to say he had almost missed his flight but that he was on it now. (Evening is looking grimmer by the second)
At 6:16 my call was dropped (cell service up here is horrible.)
At 6:20 after many attempts, I finally get T back on the phone. He’s not coming home until 10:30pm.
I felt like someone just told me to do another 30 push-ups after I’d just done a hundred.
At 6:30 I started crying.
At 6:45 I finally wrangled the kids to come inside so I could boil some water for pasta.
At 7 Fuzz began a series of overtired meltdowns.
At 7:05 Tortellini was served to Shnook and chopped up Tortellini was served to Fuzzball.
At 7:13 Fuzz nearly choked on one of Shnook’s tortellini that he stole off his plate.
At 7:30 I gave Fuzz a sponge bath, while Shnook drew all over his legs with red marker.
At 7: 38 I (camel) went APESHIT (broken back) when I couldn’t find Fuzz’s overnight diapers (straw).
At 7:40 I found the diapers.
At 7:45 I managed to get Fuzz to bed.
At 8:00 Shnook and I got him semi-cleaned up (legs are still red) and ready for bed.
At 8:06 We read a story and laid down for a cuddle.
At 8:46 He was still awake, and Fuzz woke up. We all went into my bed.
At 9 both boys were finally asleep. I was unable to lift my body, so I fell asleep too–quished in the corner.
At 10:30 T came home, noticed us all asleep in that bed and went to sleep by himself in Shnook’s bed.
At some hour between there, I switched places with T.
At 1:00 Fuzz woke up. I fed him. Which brings me to now. The first moment I have to write something.

Ever have a day like this?

Photo Credit: Flickr/sun dazed