The Lorax App: Truffula Shuffula

Me and The Lorax at Blissdom 2012

We are Apple product people, which means that my two-year-old has ample access to my iPhone and our iPad on a daily basis. We are not game-crazy and mostly use the devices for communication and television, but we do have a few games that we play as a family. For the adult games, my husband and I trade turns and with Harrison, we simply coach him and applaud him through different tasks on the iPad. He’s quite good at games with animals.

After Blissdom 2012 where I received a copy of The Lorax and attended The Lorax party, I became a hard-core Lorax fan. It’s my new favorite Dr. Seuss book, so I immediately downloaded The Lorax app for iPhone/iPad onto my iPad.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet my new addiction: The Lorax Truffula Shuffula app for iPhone and Android.

It’s a lot like other games where you match three Truffulas or marshmellows or chocolate swirls to make a match, then all the rest fall.  You move up the ranks with points and matches or (sadly) run out of moves and lose the game.  Then it becomes this addictive self-challenge TO BEAT ALL THE SCORES.  Three hours later, you realize your floors still aren’t mopped and a deadline has whizzed by, but LOOK! THREE MORE TRUFFULAS MATCHED!

I love how relaxing it is – there’s no heatstroke over skill or strategy, just a simple way to detox at the end of the day.  Unfortunately, it’s a one-player deal and over Harrison’s head (he’s only two, though), but it’s the perfect way for momma to chill out during nap time!

Happy Truffula-matching!

Disclosure: A big thanks to Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax for sponsoring this campaign. Click here to see more of the discussion.

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