The Perfect Age For The Beach

Please don't make us leave!
Please don’t make us leave!

I know I’ve already written a million vacation posts, but now that we’re home and I’ve reflected on our trip, I’m feeling sentimental and cheesy. We had such a good time. And somehow, even though we were gone for two entire weeks, I somehow can’t believe it passed so quickly.

Our week in Hilton Head was planned many months ago, as a family reunion and memorial trip to honor my late grandparents. And so for many months I’ve been looking forward and counting down to this wonderful opportunity for both reconnecting with extended family, and getting a long relaxing week to spend with my immediate family.

Cullen is at this wonderful age right now where he is understanding concepts, connecting through language, wildly curious, brave and adventurous (sometimes too much!), and totally engrossed in the world around him. I see the way he sorts, organizes, and stacks things. He loves to dig, cover things up, splash in water, and run for as long as his little legs will carry him. I knew he was going to be the perfect age (seventeen months!) for enjoying the beach.

The minute his little toes hit the sand, my heart melted.  I’ve already shared many pictures from his first days on the beach, and I’m sure you can believe that I took hundreds more throughout the week. He was totally enthralled with the sand, but finally at the age where he didn’t try to eat it. He would sit and dig for hours, moving sand from one bucket to another, and laughing with joy as his towers were knocked over by his cousin or the wind. On the days where it was warm enough, he stomped and danced in shallow wading pools, totally unphased by the cool water. He dripped gooey, wet sand onto his legs and then looked at me and said “uh oh.”

When we were getting ready for our trip and I saw the unseasonably cold forecast, I was worried that it would be too cold to enjoy all the novelties of the island. But honestly, 60 and sunny ended up being really nice. We didn’t have to worry about too much sun exposure, massive quantities of sunscreen, and we all enjoyed a nice ocean breeze. Cullen was just as happy to dig in the sand in a sweatshirt and sweatpants as he would have been in his bathing suit. It just meant more laundry for mama, which was no big deal.

I imagine that his love for the sand and surf will continue to grow and become even more fun as the years and summers continue. I’m already plotting to figure out how we can squeeze in one more beach trip this year, if we can make it work. In the meantime, I’m counting down until it’s warm enough to enjoy the gorgeous Seattle beaches. I think it’s going to be a really fun summer!