The Plan for A Week Off With My Toddler


For the past seven years in the workforce, I’ve gotten ONE day off for the holidays. Christmas Day. I’ve worked until 5 PM on too many Christmas Eves and been at my desk by 8 AM too many times on December 26th. It’s a shame, really, because it takes away from my family and the holiday.

I remember Harrison’s second Christmas. I worked until 5 PM, only to rush to get him from the nanny, rush to change him into his Christmas Eve church clothes, rush to the candlelight service. I was exhausted by 8 PM, ready for bed.

Last year, Christmas Eve fell on a weekend and it was lovely. This year, I’m off for an entire week and a half.

I feel positively giddy for Monday when Harry will ask, “School’s closed?” and I get to say, “YES! LET’S BAKE COOKIES INSTEAD!”

So what the heck am I going to do with my three-year-old for a week and a half?

  • Sleeping in 1 of 8
    Sleeping in
    hahahahahaha, just kidding.
  • Play outside 2 of 8
    Play outside
    Yep, lots of fresh air for both of us! Now that our backyard is fixed, I see a lot of running around.
  • Making hot breakfast 3 of 8
    Making hot breakfast
    This is someting my own momma did for me on school breaks - we'd have pancakes one day, biscuits and eggs another, french toast. All the things we don't have time for in the regular morning rush!
  • Baking Christmas treats 4 of 8
    Baking Christmas treats
    Cookies and sprinkles and peanut butter balls and pretzels...yum!
  • Writing 5 of 8
    I'm hoping to get time to write a little bit, maybe during nap time.
  • Playing cars and trains 6 of 8
    Playing cars and trains
    This is what I miss most when I'm at work - being on the floor with my little guy, watching his imagination work.
  • Watching Christmas movies 7 of 8
    Watching Christmas movies
    So excited to introduce Harrison to my favorites - Santa Claus is Coming to Town, Rudolph, Frosty.
  • Playdates! 8 of 8
    Luckily, several of my fellow working mom friends have the same break. Plus, I get to hang out with my stay-at-home mom friends!

If you get a Winter Break, do you have anything planned?

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