The Red Door Series: An Instagram Collection of My Adorable Toddlers

The big orangey-red double doors that separate the sun-room from the main door of our home have definitely grown on me. When we first moved into this house, they were way down on the list of things that had to go/be changed. But they were there. Now? I think I’ll keep ’em.

I suppose things get muddled or clearer (?) over time. Goals shift and priorities get fuzzy when you have kids. Those awful doors have found a peculiar way of wriggling themselves into my heart. Clearly, it’s not the doors that I’ve fallen in love with, but the pictures that I’ve slowly been adding to a simple series on my Instagram account dubbed Red Door Series (#RedDoorSeries).

The best part? It started out organically – nothing much was contrived. Get dressed, take a fun picture, get out the door! Over time, Wyndham and Abby have come to love our little tradition, or maybe it’s the form of bribery (a gummi bear vitamin each), that I use. Which, I’m not sure can even be called bribery. I’m pretty sure they’d still partake in their near daily ‘photo shoot’ without it.

I hope this inspires you to do something themed and fun with your family photography. Something simple that fits into your everyday or weekly routine. Looking back now, this series has started to take on a chronological documentation of their growth. I know we’ll all enjoy looking back on this collection years from now and who knows? Perhaps I’ll keep it going until the day they leave home!

  • Over a Year of Drop Dead Cuteness! 1 of 20

    Click through to check out all the style and comical posing that a couple of toddler siblings could possibly possess. 

  • The Very 1st One… 2 of 20

    Things began a little blurry. I was still refining my technique. As those with toddlers know, they are a most busy, hard to capture by way of lens and spritely beings.

  • Summer of 2012 3 of 20

    Looking back on these first shots in the series and comparing them to those of today, so much has changed, yet some things stay the same. They will forever be my little jokers, happy to be the stars of the show! This likely won't last, so I'll take it while I can get it. 

  • Sun Drenched Cuties 4 of 20

    This is what happens when one lets their toddlers pick out their own clothes and put on their own shoes. Not bad, not bad at all...

  • Those Eyes! 5 of 20

    I mean, SERIOUSLY.

  • Not Feelin’ It 6 of 20

    Wanting the form of bribery I have (gummi bear vitamins), very much this day. Such a bad mommy I am.

  • Chatterboxes 7 of 20

    As seen here chatting my ear off about dinosaurs named Lydia and cheese slices and numbers. Obviously.

  • #RedDoorSeries – Insta-Collage! 8 of 20

    Sometimes it's just too hard to choose.

  • Sibling Love 9 of 20

    Heart = melt. It's moment's like these that make all the meltdowns and occasional/not-so occasional sibling conflict worth it.
    Related: 10 Tips To Resolving Toddler Sibling Conflicts

  • Time to Layer Up 10 of 20

    As the cold weather has started to creep in, these two are all about layering and mixing patterns. I let them both pick out their own coats and shoes. And by 'let them pick out their own,' I mean I select a bunch that I like and let them pick from that pile. And you don't?

  • When in Doubt, Wear a Hat 11 of 20

    Bad hair days. Everyone has them, even toddlers.

  • Tutus & Ringlets Ahoy! 12 of 20

    The dancing Queen and her #1 fan.

  • They Love Me, It’s True… 13 of 20

    I must be doing something right! Because LOOK.

  • Huggy Babies 14 of 20

    You just died from cute, right? You're welcome internets.

  • Future Entertainers 15 of 20

    Of some sort I'm sure of it. I suppose the parent(s) of any toddler(s) could say this, they are known to be a rather gregarious sort in general. As seen here, my two are serenading with a fine mash-up of, Baby Beluga, The Itsy-Bitsy Spider and some sort of free-style rap. 

  • I Think I’ll Keep Them 16 of 20

    No, you can't have them, so stop asking! You know who you are.

  • These Boots Were Made For Walking 17 of 20

    This is Abby's badass look. Don't let the cute fool you.

  • 1st Day of JK 18 of 20

    The obligatory 1st day of school shot. You knew I had one, right? Yes, that is a mini Yoda on his shoulder.

  • All Dressed Up… 19 of 20

    With so many places to go. Off to kindergarten and preschool, someone hold me.

  • Ruckus 20 of 20

    Taken this morning, in all of its burred glory, during an extra-special round of wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, freeeeeeze!



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