The Special Bond Between Fathers and Toddlers

Recently when my son wakes up in the morning or from his nap and I go to get him, as soon as he sees me he starts yelling, “No, daddy! Me want daddy!”

While I’m a little bummed that he’s not excited to see me, I love that he loves his daddy. I think the toddler years are really a time where the bond between fathers and toddlers grows.

It’s no secret that dads play a really important role in their children’s lives.  Children that have a positive relationship with their fathers are less likely to have behavioral and psychological problems, and are more likely to succeed in school.

As babies grow into toddlers, they start to gain more awareness of the people around them, and dads can start to play a larger role in caring for their children. They both start to feel more comfortable with each other.  As least that’s the experience that we’ve had in our family.

I love having an inside view as the relationship between my husband and my son blossoms and grows, and my daughter definitely has daddy wrapped around her finger.  There’s nothing sweeter than watching a daddy with his little ones.

Of course, it’s important for dads to cultivate and nurture the relationship with their kiddos too.

Here are my favorite special things that my husband does with our kiddos.

1. Takes them far, far away!

I love my kids, I really do! But, sometimes a mama just needs a break! My hubs is great about taking the kids and giving me some quiet time to myself, whether that’s a coffee date out with friends, or just time at home so I can get stuff done. Time without my kids makes me a better mother, and gives their dad a great opportunity to spend quality time with them.

2. Makes them laugh

Besides each other, no one can make our kids laugh like their daddy.  He is great at making our kids crack up, either by telling jokes or by just being silly.

3. Wrestles with them

I think kids need to have some controlled rough-housing, to get out their energy, and to learn the appropriate way to play physically with other kids.  Dads are the best wrestlers out there.

4. Sings silly songs

Sometimes the stuff my husband comes up with cracks me up.  He makes up songs that are so funny.  It teaches our kids to be creative, and to just let loose and have fun.

5. Tells them extraordinary stories

Besides teaching them to be creative with his songs, he helps them to use their imagination with the amazing stories he tells them.  My daughter gets sad at bedtime if he’s not there to tell stories because she tells me that daddy’s stories are WAY better than mine.

6. Let’s them help with his projects

Every kid wants to do what their daddy is doing, especially my son.  My husband does a lot of projects in the yard and around the house, and it is definitely easier for him when he can work on them by himself.  But, he lets our kids come and work side by side with him, even though it might make his work a little harder or take a little longer.

7. Makes breakfast with them

I look forward to the Saturday mornings when I wake up early and head to a coffee shop to write and work, and then come home to yummy breakfasts like coffee cake, waffles or homemade donuts.  Their daddy is showing them that the kitchen (and cleanup) is not just for mommy, and giving me some of #1 at the same time!

8. Snuggles with them

This is probably my favorite.  We all know that toddlers are way too active to be very good snugglers, but when our kids wake up in the morning, or from naps, they love to just sit and be rocked and snuggled, or to climb into bed with us, for a while.  When their daddy is able to get them up, that is some of their most special time, and probably the reason that my sons complains when it’s me and not his daddy who comes to get him.

  • Helping daddy “cut” down our Christmas Tree 1 of 6
    Helping daddy "cut" down our Christmas Tree
  • Snuggling and sleeping, I love her little crossed hands! 2 of 6
    Snuggling and sleeping, I love her little crossed hands!
  • With their daddy 3 of 6
    With their daddy
  • Playing in the snow – something I don’t like to do! 4 of 6
    Playing in the snow - something I don't like to do!
  • On the carousel 5 of 6
    On the carousel
  • Just being silly 6 of 6
    Just being silly

How does your kid’s daddy build his relationship with them?

We can’t get enough of these dad and baby photos from our readers!

Article Posted 5 years Ago
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