The Toddler and School

He started school!

Monday, which was also a holiday brought my middle son’s first day of “school” or daycare as people will typically call “school” for a two year old.

I have to admit, I was extremely nervous leaving him there.

I was worried about how he would get along with the other children, if he would freak out when I left him, would he cry for me like he typically does when I leave him with someone else… You know all those typical things mothers worry about in a situation like this.

But I am happy to say Benjamin did fantastic!

I got a great report from his teacher.

He got along well with all of the children, ate his lunch with no problem, and didn’t cry when I left.

It must have been all the new toys he got to play with, and all the new friends he made that day. Which is also all he has talked about since he left there Monday afternoon.

I was able to get a lot done, and the time with only one child while I was trying to work was the most peaceful work time that I ‘ve gotten in a while. I am certainly looking forward to seeing what the upcoming months of him in school bring!

How did your toddler make out their first day of daycare?


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