The Toddler Times of Huckleberry Holbrook

Hey guys! It’s Huck! Wanna know what I’ve been up to lately?

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    Sooo, how's it going? This is a really awesome horse from the Pendleton store! Isn't it cool? Mom had to take a picture after I gave it a kiss. I love to give kisses! Before this week I've never really cared much for toys, but lately I totally love them! I even learned how to push cars along the floor. Vroom vroom!
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    Oh man I had such a great Christmas! I hope you did too! This year we flew to Portland to be with my Grandma and Grandpa Lovin. But first I had to completely demolish Mom's marshmallow garland. It tasted so good!
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    When we come to the suburbs we always spend a lot of time at the mall. I don't know what Mom sees in this place, but me and Dad sure have a good time testing out all the benches!
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    Oh but I forgot to show you! This is my super rad Christmas present from my Grandpa! Isn't is so cool? It's a little tall for me, but I am having so much fun racing all over the house on it!
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    And guess what else! This week I learned to walk! Just a couple steps at first, but now I'm so good at it I don't even crawl ever anymore! Just tonight I figured out how to walk and clap my hands at the same time. Yeah, that's pretty impressive, huh. You guys, walking is SO MUCH FUN. Why didn't anyone tell me?
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    Do you know what is NOT fun? Diaper changes. This week I decided I do NOT like to have my diaper changed. I wiggle all over the place and sometimes I even get really whiny. Mom is so confused. I used to love diaper changes, is what she tells me. I'm pretty sure she's making that up, though. Let's get real, who could like a diaper change? That's so weird.
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    Jury's still out about car seats, though. This is my "I'm about to fall asleep" face, by the way. You like it?
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    Guess what else I REALLY like? My Grandpa! He is THE BEST. Mom says we look a lot alike. Sometimes she'll call me "Mini Randy" when I'm looking cross or making certain faces. All I know is, if this guy is in the room I want him to be holding me!
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    Dad's had the whole week off from work and we've been spending ALL KINDS OF TIME together. He's in charge of giving me breakfast in the morning, which means I've had all kinds of awesome stuff for breakfast, like cold pizza, or spaghetti, or one time we had honey ham with pickles! Dad is so funny!
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    This is my cousin Theo. He's not walking yet, but he's still way cool. He's two months younger than me and he knows a lot of stuff about toys. Mom thinks it's funny how similar we are, even though we're soo different. Like, cousin Theo WON'T SIT STILL! He has so much energy! I like to talk things out and focus on one toy at a time, but Theo likes to move move move!
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    Know what else is super cool? STICKERS. Man, Mom can hand me a sticker and I am fascinated for easily TWO MINUTES. I also super like having stickers on my face. If you try to take them off my cheeks I'll get real grouchy and whine till I get them back! So don't even think about it!
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    These are my two aunts, Alex and Amanda. Whenever I come to visit Portland I always get a little uneasy when I first see them, cause they LOOK like my Mom and they SOUND like my Mom but they don't SMELL like my Mom, and sometimes that makes me feel insecure. But I always remember how much I love them before too long. Even if Aunt Alex IS really loud.
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    To get to Portland we had to take a real long ride on a plane. Mom was sort of nervous, because now that I'm walking I really don't like to sit still for too long. But she found a really cool trick to keep me quiet, and that's the reverse camera on her iPhone! I had so much fun taking goofy pictures. Also, taking off and landing doesn't bother my ears like it used to, and Mom figured out that I will take a nap in my Sakura Bloom sling if I'm tired. All she had to do was wrap me up tight and I fell right to sleep. I can't wait to take another plane trip soon! Especially if I get more pretzels! Dudes, pretzels rock!
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    Oh yeah, this is my Grandpa again. I dunno, do you think we look alike?
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    Here is a mystery for you: the second I get in my stroller these days it's LIGHTS OUT. It is just the awesomest place to nap! Why is that do you think?
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    Grandma got me this hat. Do you think it makes my head look big?
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    But, don't you think stickers are just the coolest?
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    This sticker is a BAND AID. Suckers!
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    Every year on Christmas Eve my Mom's family goes caroling through the neighborhood. So far I'm taking after my Mom--I LOVE to sing! Even if I don't know the words, I always sing along. Mom says my voice is real pretty. Duh Mom! Dad doesn't love to sing as much as me and Mom do, but he sings the funniest songs to me even still!
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    I've been real good at "interactive play," as Mom calls it. I like to play with other babies, not just along side them. Mom says it's normal for kids my age to start noticing other kids. Other kids are so much fun, right?
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    This is my favorite toy these days. It's a bottle cap. So cool, right? I just like to hold on to it. Like a security blanket... only it's a bottle cap. Yep.
    Well, I better go. I have some Grandpa play time to take care of before bed. You know how that goes. Till next week!


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