The Toddler Times of Huckleberry Holbrook

Hey guys, Huck here! How’s it going? Here’s what I’ve been up to this week!

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    Hey guys! How was your New Years Eve? Mine was soooo cool. Mom let me stay up until nine, and we had waffles for dinner, and we read books by the fire, and then when she put me to bed everyone said, "See you next year!" instead of "Goodnight!" which is not really that funny, come on guys.
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    This week I am learning all kinds of new tricks. I can say "woof woof" when my mom asks me what a puppy says, and I can give hugs and kisses on demand. And I can turn ANYTHING into a toy. Except real toys. Real toys are bo-ring! But hey! Can I play with your cell phone charger? Thanks.
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    I'm getting all funny about my food this week. It's these darn molars! They broke through this week and ouch! So, sometimes I won't eat anything, at all! Then other times I want soo much banana. And then other times banana will make me cry! NO BANANA! And then sometimes I just want to nurse. Cheezy crackers? Yes. But then, NO! And then a whole ton of macaroni followed by NEVER ANY MORE MACARONI! Right? I can do stuff like that cause I'M THE BOSS, MOM.
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    This week we flew to Utah to go to my great grandpa's funeral. He died over Christmas. Mom says that all this time I've spent with all my cousins has turned me into a REAL big boy. I guess cause I can watch them doing cool stuff and then I try and copy them? Like, they taught me how to climb up the stairs! (Getting down them, um . . . I'm working on it!) But this means I do NOT want to go to bed. EVER. I'm too busy playing! And also, Mom isn't nearly as exciting as before. Sorry Mom! But have you seen how cool my cousins are? SO COOL.
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    Mom says I'm real cute when I sip on straws. Mom's silly.
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    This week I perfected my walking. Look at that form! I can move pretty fast now. I don't even need to crawl ever!
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    Since we've been in the 'burbs I've been spending lots of time in the car seat. Mom is all perplexed by how I'll fall asleep in the car seat even when it's not nap time. The other day mom took me on some errands. Errands are way different when there are cars involved! Every time we'd get in the car, BAM, sleeping. And then she'd wake me up to go into the store and I'd be in the best mood! And then BAM! Back to sleep! I love cat naps, so I can't see how this is a bad thing! Mom took this picture real quick before she woke me up to go buy diapers. And I do sort of miss my stroller, now that you mention it.
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    Speaking of naps, these days I LOVE THEM. I just decided last week that I wanted to take real good, long afternoon naps. Every day around 1:30 I find my mom, ask to nurse (I have a special whine that means "Nurse, Mom!") and then conk out right away. Mom can carry me all the way up the stairs and drop me in the crib and it's all, See ya in two hours, Mom! She digs it. I do too.
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    Check me out walking by my Grandma Jumie at the Target! Woohoo!
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    And this is me walking around the church during my great grandpa's funeral. Mom didn't get to hear most of it cause I was so busy doing laps. I LOVE doing laps! I just walk and walk and walk in big circles and Mom follows behind closely saying things like, "Want a snack?" and "Need some water?" Dude, will it be like this my whole life? AMAZING.
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    Straws. I'm cute, right? As someone on Mom's Twitter feed pointed out, "Standing, drinking, cracker AND bottle holding. Masterful toddler coordination in full effect. Your kid is boss."
    I SO AM boss! Thanks!

    Love and hugs and kisses whenever you want them,


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