The Toddler Times of Huckleberry Holbrook

Hi guys! It’s Huck! Wanna know what I’ve been up to this week?

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    Hey dudes! How was your week? Mine was pretty rad!
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    This week I've rediscovered my love of books. I especially love the ones that pop up cause they're SO FUN to rip up!
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    The dinner table Mom ordered finally showed up, so Mom and I have been having lots of proper breakfasts at it. This week all I want are dry cheerios, and ABSOLUTELY NO YOGURT. When I see yogurt I scrunch my face up all smal and make really sad noises. It's super fun! Sometimes I even throw myself to the floor for good measure. I do it just to confuse Mom, mostly.
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    Did you all have a nice Valentine's day? Mine was so great! We watched movies and cuddled on the bed and Dad made us a special steak dinner. I got a LOT of kisses on the cheek. It's a good thing my cheeks are so big, there's lots of room for kisses on them!
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    Mom gave me my very first hair cut. She didn't even cry! I wasn't scared or anything, I was super fascinated by the scissors though and I kept getting my hands in the way. Mom did an okay job!
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    These are my new rad pants! And these are my vintage moccasins that Mom found in a thrift shop in our old town in Idaho. My feet are already sort of too big for them! It's the crazies thing, my feet stayed so small for so long, and then just in the last month they've grown all big!
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    Mom's been taking on lots of "Huck Dates," cause she wants me to learn how to sit politely at restaurants and not make a big mess. So far I'm doing pretty great! I always leave a huge mess but I'm getting pretty good at sitting still and not being too loud! It helps that Mom brings books with me that I can read.
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    It's been a super mild winter but we haven't been to the playground in a MONTH! Somebody tell my Mom to quit slacking her swing pushing duties! Gosh!
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    Today while I was out with my Mom a lady complimented me on all my teeth! Her baby is a month younger and only has four teeth. So I had Mom count, and these days I have twelve! Guys that's a lot!
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    After I had my shots last month, I got on a real funky sleeping routine that's got Mom scratching her head. Lately I've been waiting to take my afternoon nap until 5PM. Mom always likes to point out after I've woken up that SOME babies are already IN BED at 7:30PM. Know what time I like to go to bed? I won't tell you. It's too scandalous. But I WILL say that I have routinely slept in until 11:00 this week. And Mom is NOT complaining about THAT.
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    This is my Dad. He's still studying real hard for the bar test at the end of the month. I'm super proud of how hard he works and how much he studies so he can provide for his family. He's also really funny and gives the very best snuggles!

    Till next week!


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