The Toddler Times of Huckleberry Holbrook

Hi guys! Huck here! Here’s what I’ve been up to this week.

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    Hey dudes! How's it going? Me? I'm doing so great! Look at me on this big boy slide! I climbed up here (mostly) by myself and it only took Mom holding both of my hands to get me to slide down all by myself! Yeah, so slides aren't really my favorite.
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    But subways are! Gosh I love riding the subway! I'm getting so big that sometimes Mom lets me get out of my stroller and sit on the bench with her! You know, so long as I promise to sit nicely and not annoy other passengers and stuff. I like to look out the windows at all the lights zooming by. Woosh! Mom always thoroughly disinfects my hands after I've been allowed on the benches. I wonder why?
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    This week has been a really big week for my vocabulary. Like, this morning? I sat up in bed and said clear as day, "SHOES!" And then Dad rolled over and grumbled all sleepy-like, "Did he just say shoes?" And then I said--super loud 'cause mornings are my favorite--"OKAY!"
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    Mom is all confounded 'cause I keep waking up in the middle of the night lately and positively refusing to go back to bed till she's nursed me. She keeps asking me, "Why? What's the deal?" and I don't know... is it really necessary that I have a reason? Why not just cause it's fun? Huh?
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    Anyway Mom probably really likes getting up in the middle of the night. Wouldn't you miss this cute face? I mean... Sleep? Or my cute face on your boob. Not a huge dilemma, Mom.
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    I must be growing, cause lately I have this big old appetite! It's all cool by me, cause in my hunger I finally discovered the wonder that is CHEESE on top of PIZZA. All this time I was just nibbling the crust! WHAT HAVE I BEEN MISSING OUT ON!?!? What was wrong with me? Pizza cheese is the COOLEST.
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    Know what's cool about the subway? This rad kid I keep seeing in the window. (Guys, it's ME!)
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    The other day Dad started to take off my pajamas to get me dressed and got distracted halfway through. And then Mom thought it was all funny and tied my shirt in a knot and made us pose for pictures in the mirror. Yeah, Mom. Laugh it up! I'll have my revenge. At 3AM! Heehee.
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    This week and next my Grandma Jumie is in town to see the sights and smush on my cheeks a little. She's so fun! She lets me climb on her lap and watch Small Potatoes on her iPad and she smells really good too. We're running around a lot, and lately my stroller is just so fun. Especially when the wind blows. Windy weather makes me screech in excitement! I FEEL SO FAST!
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    Diaper day is the best day! I betcha I could drive this diaper box all the way to the moon and back!
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    This weekend is Mother's Day, and Mom's requested that she get to sleep in till 10:30! So Dad and I have real awesome plans to hang out in the living room together eating animal crackers tomorrow. Yeah, my Mom's all right, I guess she deserves a couple hours of extra sleep. All you other babies! Maybe you could do the same! Just an idea. (There's always flowers too!)
    Well guys, have a really awesome weekend! I'll see you next week!


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