The Toddler Times of Huckleberry Holbrook

Hi guys, Huck here. Here’s what I’ve been up to since I turned one.

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    Back in October I had a birthday. My first ever! It was pretty exciting. Mom cried, like, all day.
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    Mom threw me a birthday party with all my buds. We were moving that same week, so my friend Harper let us crash her pad. Thanks again Harper! It was a costume party. Mom dressed me up as Charlie Brown. People say we look alike? Should I be concerned?
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    My mom went as Lucy, and I got my first ever real sucker. SUCKERS ARE AMAZING YOU GUYS.
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    Then it was Halloween! It was cold out, so Mom bundled me up in this super rad lion costume.
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    Sometimes Dad lets me wear his watch. Don't I look dashing and smart?
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    I'm learning to use the phone. Sometimes I practice on Mom's Costco card. Shh. This call is important.
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    So, I'm getting better at eating food and stuff. I don't know what the big deal is. I LOVE to nurse. Also, this cup is PINK.
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    Dad's been spending lots of time with me in the morning reading me books and stuff. My Dad is the COOLEST.
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    No big deal but me and Mom were on the Today Show a couple weeks ago! My mom wrote all about it on her blog HERE.
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    I spend a LOT of time at the grocery store. The workers there think I'm sooo cute. I think they're really nice so I smile at them a lot.
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    Last weekend I went with my mom and dad to pick out a Christmas tree!
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    Here she is! I love to touch the pine needles, but mom says I can't eat them. I already broke one ornament! Yessss!
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    After we got the tree we went out for lunch with Dad. People tell us all the time we look so much alike. Mom is super excited I'm getting Dad's red hair!
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    I'm finally sleeping through the night, mom is SO EXCITED. I don't know what the big deal is, this sleeping in your own crib nonsense. So whenever I can I try to take my naps on Mom's lap. I like to pretend like I'm not tired AT ALL and then boom! When she least expects it (like when my shirt's off). Mom's lap is super comfortable. Crib schmib.
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    Yesterday Mom took me to get pizza! Pizza in the city is really tasty. Almost as good as boobs!
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    But I don't much like it when Mom tries to sneak peas into my macaroni and cheese. See how good I am at leaving them on my tray?
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    Being one is pretty good so far. Mom swears up and down that I'm still her baby. I go along with it for her sake and sometimes act like I'm not such a big boy yet. But I TOTALLY AM!
    Until next week, dudes!


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