The Woes of Moving


What a weekend as we moved to our new temporary home. The hours have been long and tiring, but our new place is coming together.

Last night was our first official night here. The kids spent the day out, so my husband and myself were able to get the new place put together as the movers moved all of our belongings in. Time passed too quickly and we had to pick up the kids before getting the beds setup.

We picked up our 4 exhausted children and brought them to the new place. The plan was for me to keep them entertained while Sean put the toddlers’ beds together. We had a plan and all sounded great until we realized we had NO idea where the crib screws were!

Needless to say our first night was a wreck. Thankfully we found our pack and play and then put a mattress on the floor for Izaiah. The kids tossed and turned all night, new place, weird beds and not the house they had lived in their whole lives.

This morning while searching for the shampoo and conditioner, this is what I found:

Crossing fingers for a good nights rest tonight!

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