This is The Face of Success!


This little guy came barreling throughout the front door last night shouting, “Guess whuddayedeedmama!?!?! Guess whuddayedeedmama! Guess, guess, guess, GUESSSSSSS?!?”

Clearly, he was excited. With my heart pounding in my chest because the cuteness of this kid just makes my insides clench up with a fierce urge to roundhouse him with kisses, I asked him to, “Please, oh please tell me!” I couldn’t wait to hear it. (I really couldn’t).

So first he told me that the car broke.


Not any sort of fabulous thing I was expecting to hear, but he was clearly in awe of it, so. A brief discussion with the mister who filled me in on the how the car battery died, (phew) and we moved right along.

Little dude stayed dry ALL DANG DAY. Not one “accident.” Even through nap-time. I don’t want to jinx anything here, but my friends?! My child is not ever, ever going to wear a diaper again!

We are so proud of our little man. Also? This is the face he makes when he’s proud of himself (while attempting to pull his shirt over his head). Or when he’s asked to smile.

Now what to do with all that extra shelf-space…


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