This Week in The Life

So it’s Friday (yay!) and payday (yay!) and the weekend is full of zero plans (double yay!).

Except the grey skies outside my window are threatening snow and ice and Harrison’s daycare is closing several hours early. I’ll be wrapping up stuff faster than you can say Petunia Pickle Bottom and skirting out of here to get home safe.  Up north you have snow plows and city workers and parkas and chains on your tires, but here in the South we have ice and fear and extra milk in the fridge.

No, I’m not sure why we buy milk and bread when it starts to snow. It’s just something we do, like not wearing white after Labor Day and being able to quote Steele Magnolias.

So have a gander at what we’ve been up to all week while I hope to not get stuck in a gridlock of winter weather fear before the ice starts to fall.

Stay warm and safe, my friends. And be sure to watch Steel Magnolias on Netflix this weekend!

  • It’s getting a little lighter outside 1 of 13
    It's getting a little lighter outside
    HALLELUJAH! Also, Harry made friends with the neighbor's kids. I'm so proud of him!
  • The crud 2 of 13
    The crud
    We all have it, thanks to Harrison's daycare class. They're really mastering the art of sharing. I'm master the art of shoving a tissue up my nose while I work to keep from stopping to blow my nose every five seconds.
  • Dance party 3 of 13
    Dance party
    Because we're trapped inside due to the weather, let's bust out a living room dance party! Harry has mad skills.
  • When I’m sick, I don’t cook 4 of 13
    When I'm sick, I don't cook
    I just don't. Which means I grab lunch at work (hello, local salad bar and organic pizzas!) and we eat rice and beans at dinner. I'm serious. It's that bad.
  • I go back 5 of 13
    I go back
    Whenever I hear this song, I'm immediately back in high school, driving with the windows down. Sometimes I wonder what songs will take Harrison back to a point in his life.
  • Meetings galore 6 of 13
    Meetings galore
    The books are closed and we're looking to 2013 at work. I'm really, really loving being a working mom these days.
  • Snow, Round 1 7 of 13
    Snow, Round 1
    A few of my coworkers and I scooted out to Target at lunch to pick up clearanced snow boots and sleds. Sadly, we only got a slight dusting of the white stuff.
  • Winter weather warning, Round 2 8 of 13
    Winter weather warning, Round 2
    Oh, dear. Right now everything is shutting down early on Friday, including Harrison's school.
  • Make that lemonade, mommas 9 of 13
    Make that lemonade, mommas
    I got caught in the rain on my lunch break and twisted my wet hair up into a bun. Three hours later? Curls. Kind of like when Harry refuses a nap, but it ends up with snuggles on the couch and an early bedtime. There's always a silver lining and finding it helps my mood!
  • Down with migraines 10 of 13
    Down with migraines
    The worst part was missing an entire weekend day with Harrison. He and my husband went to the park, played outside, watched movies...and I was in bed. As weird as it sounds, it hurts to miss a day with my guy when I don't get weekdays with him.
  • Valentine’s candy is out 11 of 13
    Valentine's candy is out
    I won't confess how many bags of these Cherry Jubilee hearts I've plowed through already. I told Harry they are "adult treats" and he keeps asking for "Peas an 'dult treat?"
  • I found my collection 12 of 13
    I found my collection
    I collected spoons as a little girl. Is that weird? I found a whole box of them in the guest closet. I wonder what Harry will collect as he grows up (right now he has a solid Matchbox car collection).
  • My hair 13 of 13
    My hair
    I just like it. The end.

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