This Week in the Toddler Times of Huckleberry Holbrook

Hi guys! It’s Huck! Here’s what I’ve been up to this week.

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    Well, you'll be happy to know, Mom finally broke me of my Huck Standard Time habit. I know, I know, I fought it as long as I could. I fought the good fight! Sometimes Moms win because they're bigger and smarter. It's okay, I'm at peace with it.
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    But let me tell you one thing about going to bed early: WAKING UP EARLY ROCKS! Mom gets me down right at 8. I don't even fuss! Cause I know come 5:30 I'll get the satisfaction of waking her and Dad up with my supersonic loud toddler shouting. "AHHHHH!" is how I do it. You'd be SO impressed!
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    Mom has been telling me for a few days that she's going to start letting me shout all I want in my crib, but that I won't come out until 7AM. So far she hasn't had the heart to actually do it though, so she and Dad have been taking turns getting up with me so I can watch my cartoons. First thing I do when I wake up is make a bee-line to the TV with my stuffed Mickey and point. Let's start this day off right, right? I mean, here's the deal: I get up early to take care of my Mickey cartoons while the house is quiet and the neighborhood is still asleep. I mean, ME time. Right? Gotta carve it out somewhere.
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    The weather's been pretty chilly the last little bit, so Mom and I haven't had as much playground time as we like. It's okay, it's okay. When we do get to go, MAN, it's so much fun. I've decided I'm much too big to be pushed around in the swings. I'd much rather run laps around the play ground, stopping every so often to touch another kid on the shoulder and say, "Umgah?" which of course is Baby for "Pleasant weather we're having, yeah?"
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    Mom and I have been practicing my animal sounds. I am getting REAL good at them. We read lots of books about animals, and at this point we just skip all the words and go straight for the noises. I can do them all without any help! Even in the middle of a tantrum, if Mom asks me what a snake says I'll stop whining to answer her. Ssssssss! A snake says Sssssss!
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    My naps have gotten real, real long. Three hours, usually. I still like to wake up twice in the middle to sit up in confusion and whine for a bit, and sometimes, fall off the couch. Mom moved me to the big bed. I do NOT nap in the crib (gotta draw the line somewhere). So far I haven't figured out how to put myself back to sleep when this happens--I'm working on it, I'm working on it!--so Mom will come in and rub my back and talk to me softly and sometimes nurse with me a little until I fall back asleep. And then I imagine she sits on the couch lonely until I wake up again. Gosh, how boring to be a parent when their kid is sleeping!
    Well guys, the big bed is calling. See you all next week!


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