This Week in the Toddler Times of Huckleberry Holbrook

Hey guys! Huck here! Here is what I’ve been up to this week.

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    So, this was a big week for me, because this week I turned 18 months old. WOW! Can you believe what a big boy I am? Mom's so glad, cause when you're 18 months old you get to go to the nursery during church with the other big kids! Which means Mom will get to have two whole hours to herself during church! It, sadly, also means she'll have no excuse not to go to Sunday School anymore.
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    I'm totally ready for nursery, too, I've become quite the social little boy. I am getting so good at flirting with strangers on the subway! The other day we were coming home from hanging out downtown and a woman on the subway I was flirting with stopped Mom on our way off the train to tell Mom that she had to promise her she'd enroll me in dance! She said I belonged in the theatre! Mom just smiled at her and said thanks, and later told me that one should never feel obligated to promise things to perfect strangers on the subways, but that if I DID want to dance, she'd of course be supportive. I don't know, the whole thing seemed terribly silly to me, but what do I know?
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    This is how I prefer to eat my bagels. I like to scoop off all the cream cheese with my pointer finger, lick it off, and then pick delicately at the bagel insides until all that is left is the bagel skin. And then when I'm bored with it I take the bagel skin and put it on my head. Hey! Out of sight out of mind!
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    Oh yeah. This is my Dad. We're watching cartoons before bed. I had no shirt on 'cause it was hot out that day, and Dad was all, "It's too hot to sleep in a shirt!" and Mom was all, "He's just a baby! He'll get cold!" And then the spider started dancing all funny and we got kind of distracted. And then I totally slept with my a shirt off that night. LIKE A MAN.
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    Do you think I am the king of the subway? Lately I've started to wonder if maybe I'm the king of EVERYTHING.
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    The other day Mom took me to Shake Shack to have lunch with my baby friend Hudson and Mom's friends Ashley and Rebecca. And then afterward we had play time at the playground? And then after that we had errand time at the drug store. This is me at the drug store. OUT COLD. Between the french fries and the slide I done pooped myself out.
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    Yeah, this is me at the playground. That there is baby Hudson. He tells the funniest jokes! He's not walking yet but he's stil real cool. He's only nine months but he's already as tall as me. It's okay, my parents are short, I'll get over it.
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    Short or not, LOOK AT WHAT I CAN DO!
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    I'm starting to learn how to share toys and play nicely with other kids. Never mind that this isn't a toy, it's actually a straw wrapper, and we found it on the ground, and about five minutes later I had a handful of dirty leaves stuffed in my mouth. Mom said, "Do you know how many pigeons have pooped on those leaves?!" And then she never told me how many! I'm still wondering!
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    Well, it's been such a rad week! I hope you guys enjoy your weekend, and I'll see you next time!


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