This Week In The Toddler Times Of Huckleberry Holbrook

Hey dudes! It’s me, Huck! Here’s what I’ve been up to this week.

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    Hey guys, how's it going. So, I hate to break it to you, but sometimes it is NOT fun to be me. Like this week. This week I got a SHOT. At the DOCTOR'S.
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    Well, okay. It was just one shot, and I'm sure I'll live. And anyway, afterward Mom took me out for burgers and fries and my newest obsession, KETCHUP. I really earned it, too. I mean, the woman stuck a needle in my thigh! It was so rude!
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    Mom even shared her milk shake with me, isn't that nice of her? Mom's a pretty cool cat, especially when she lets me have what I want.
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    Although, I'll be honest with you here, what I really wanted was more ketchup. Goodness. Is ketchup made of heaven?
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    Don't mind my crossed eyes, alright dudes?
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    Lately I've become real emotonal about our daily jaunts around town. Mom always tries to get us out of the house at 10:30. We pick up the dry cleaning, buy toilet paper, you know, real exciting things, and I just love it! I love talking to all the people and pointing out all the puppies. And sometimes we get lunch at the end! Some mornings, if Mom doesn't take me out right away, I'll get real grouchy! And I'll sit by my stroller and refuse to move until she gets her shoes on! I look forward to it every day!
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    Don't judge me or anything, but this week I am TEETHING. So that means I'll go from smiling and happy to pretty sure my life is ending all in the span of two minutes. It's really pretty thrilling for my Mom. She never knows what she's gonna get from me!
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    Oh this guy? This guy is the owner of the neighborhood diner down the way from our apartment. He took me on a tour of the restaurant while Mom and Dad finished their dinner the other night. Mom thought it was real funny, but kept a close eye on me just the same. Moms never get a break, you know!
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    We went to the diner cause Dad really wanted to try it, and 'cause he had just found out he passed the bar! And we only had 30 minutes to celebrate before it was my bed time. Cause I CALL ALL THE SHOTS AROUND HERE!
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    Speaking of which, how lucky are my parents that I'm such a morning person? 5:45 this morning! I am such a stud. Sleep is for wussies!
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    Did I mention I am teething and am highly susceptible to mood swings?
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    I'm also not really sleeping through the night anymore. Huck: 1. Parents: ZERO.
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    Is it fair that I get to be such a turkey just because my teeth are coming in?
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    I dunno, but this chocolate milk is REAL GOOD.
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    Chocolate milk! Who invented this? Do you think it was invented just for me?!?
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    Last night Mom sat me down in my high chair, brought out the big scissors from the kitchen, and then bustled around me for a while, and then when she was done, I suddenly looked like a real big boy! Ever since she's been looking at me and kind of frowning and going, "You're so big now!" like it's a bad thing. I'm not sure why she did it if she was just going to get all sad about it. Moms, man. So weird sometimes!
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    I am not so sure I am big enough to go down this slide, though, big boy hair or not.
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    When Dad comes home lately I about flip my lid! Dad is THE COOLEST! Some nights he brings me treasures to play with, like his work ID, or like just tonight he brought me a new toy!
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    A puppy! It's made of plastic. Mom keeps trying to convince me his name should be Ferdinand.
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    I love you, Ferdinand. And I love all you guys, too!
    Till next week!


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