This Week in The Toddler Times of Huckleberry Holbrook

Hi guys! Huck here. Let’s see what I’ve been up to this week, shall we?

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    Hey guys!
    Well, so this week my Grandma Jumie's been in town visiting. Isn't that so fun? She brought with her this super awesome thing called in iPad that shows me all my favorite cartoons! And all I have to do is ask! Grandma is so way fun, too. She asks me lots of interesting questions, and helps me read my favorite books, and she smells super good. Hooray for grandmas, am I right?
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    HOORAY FOR DADS TOO! Mom is only just now starting to relax when Dad puts me up on his shoulders like this. She used to think for sure that I was going to fall off and crack my head open. Silly moms! Don't they know how big and strong we kids are? I totally got this, Mom. Falling is for babies!
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    This frog guy makes me feel real uneasy about my life. He keeps bobbing backward and forward! What's wrong with him!?!? Luckily Mom is around to help the frog chill out for a minute so I can sit here and enjoy myself. Thanks, Mom.
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    Speaking of moms, did you all try to be nice and sleep in on Mother's day? I DIDN'T! It's okay though, cause Dad stepped in and took me for the morning, and Mom got to sleep in.
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    You know, every day is Toddler's day, and I guess I'm being a big boy when I can share ONE day with her.
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    Dudes you guys should see me give kisses. I mean, not to brag or anything? But I'm really fantastic at giving kisses. I like the "mmmm" part best, right before the smack? "Mmmmmm-smack!" Me and Mom like to do this thing before bed where she gives me a kiss and I linger on the M so long we have to keep taking breaths in between. "Mmmmmmmmm-break for air-mmmmmmmm-SMACK!" It's real satisfying, you know.
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    Man, all Grandmas and Moms ever want to do is shop! Luckily I had my plastic toy from McDonald's and could take all my important phone calls while we were trapped inside Anthropologie for, like, FIVE YEARS. And don't you think McDonald's is the most nutritional food around? I mean, it MUST be! They give you TOYS after.
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    Sometimes I get so distracted watching Cat in the Hat.....
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    Dudes I hate to tell you this, but this week I got my first case of the d-rash. You know. The bum area? Yeah, I'm all sore and diaper changes hurt like the dickens. Mom was all bummed out too (HAH, BUMMED?) 'cause we almost made it all the way through diaperhood without any big rashes. 18 months! So close! Though don't tell her or anything but I don't really plan on being trained on the potty until I'm at LEAST ten.
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    Puppy noses! Puppies must think I'm the coolest, they ALWAYS come sniffing when I'm around.
    Till next week!


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