This Week In The Toddler Times of Huckleberry Holbrook

Hi guys! It’s me, Huck! Here’s what I’ve been up to this week.

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    Can we just talk for a minute about my incredible skill with a kazoo, please? I mean, somebody needs to hire me for their symphony. My melodies could bring a person to tears.
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    I've been spending a lot of time at the playground this week to try and work off some of my insane toddler energy. And I just love it when they turn the water on! Most NYC playgrounds have the water running during the summer. I mean, how else do you get the skyscrapers to grow?
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    Okay here's my cool trick. I can climb the stairs to the play structures without making my Mom think I'm about to capsize overboard. Isn't that SO COOL? Finally I'm not so wobbly on my feet. Though once I get up here I'm not really sure what to do?
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    Because, guys. I have a debilitating fear of the slides.
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    It's okay. I mean, all big boys are afraid of SOMETHING.
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    This is me at the Lincoln Center shady bench area. Dad takes me here sometimes and lets me wander. I like to walk and walk and talk and talk and chase pigeons. Those pigeons are SO WEIRD.
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    Oh this? This is just a Mom kiss. No big deal.
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    Mom's been working on teaching me how to walk while holding her hand. She says that learning to walk on the sidewalks and teaching me city manners is super important, but I'm still too little to walk by myself. I do real good when Mom holds my hand though!
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    Now, I love my Mom, and she loves me too, but this week I have been a real turkey. TUR-KEY. Mostly because I'm suddenly real whiny. Mom says it tries her patience but I have no idea what that means. All I know is one minute I'm perfectly happy and then suddenly MY WORLD IS ENDING and I am so distraught that I have to lay on the floor and screech really loud until I feel better.
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    Mom thinks it's kind of funny. I heard her telling my Dad the other day that she thinks women get really emotional and hormonal once a month just so that they have a frame of reference and can understand their toddlers when they start acting like prima donnas. And I'm all, who is Donna?
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    But I'll use this blog to formally apologize to my Mom for being such a turkey. So, sorry Mom. I'll try and hold off the terrible twos for a least a few more weeks. Okay?
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    Yeah, I think she forgives me.
    Till next week,


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