This Week in the Toddler Times of Huckleberry Holbrook

Hi guys, Huck here! Guess where I was last week? Disney World! You better believe I’mma tell you ALL about it! After the jump!

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    Hey guys! How have you been lately? It's been a while, right? Like, two whole weeks! Oh yeah, this is me on the airplane down to Florida. Half the plane was empty so Mom went back to the row behind me and stretched out on the seats and said to Dad, "Pretend I'm not even here!" then took this picture of me. Mom's so silly! Why would she want to sit by herself? Weird!
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    I even got my own seat! And LOTS of cookies!
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    The first thing we did when we landed was check out all the pools at the hotel. This is the kiddie pool. Yeah, I wasn't so impressed. Every time I'd trip I'd get all this water in my face. You wouldn't like that either! Especially if you trip as often as I do.
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    But this! SAND! This is more my speed. Action shot!
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    Wait, give me a minute. I think I almost got this.
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    Our first night in Disney we stayed out late to watch the fireworks. I didn't even fall asleep once! BIG BOY.
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    Mom and Dad were sure to bring the stroller but I was sure to remind them that I do NOT need it. BIG BOY HERE. I did a lot of walking that week! Wow!!
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    Here's the thing about the stroller: it's admitting defeat. And I am not a quitter!
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    Has anybody told you how many toys there are at Disney World? I'll take this one, and this one, and this one. My parents won't mind.
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    Nemo and I, we go way back. Dad had to buy it for me cause it's one of our favorite cartoons to watch together on Saturday mornings. Sometimes Dad gets choked up at the scene when the dad fish tells the Nemo fish how old turtles get. I assume this is something weird that happens to you when you get old. Because I don't get it.
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    One of my favorite places was Epcot! There was lots of room to run around, and not so many of those weird dark rides that always made me feel sort of nervous, like, does this one go up and down? Or does this one have pirates shouting at me? You never know with those dark rides...
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    Stroller defeat! I give I give! So... tired.....
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    So one of my favorite parts of the trip was running through Tom Sawyer's Island in the Magic Kingdom. Mom has so many pictures like this one, it's a little embarrassing. MO-OM.
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    Should you have a toddler and you're going to the Magic Kingdom, allow me to send you a little hint: your toddler is going to insist on going up and down the same three stairs on the way up to the Swiss Family Robinson Tree House? So, like, don't even bother. Just don't even bother.
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    Don't bother sharing your Dole Whip with your toddler either. Chocolate or nothing, dude!
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    We visited Animal Kingdom and went on this rad safari and I got to tell a couple of lions that they say "ROAR" up close and personal! I'm sure they so thought it was the coolest to see me there. I'm, like, such a ferocious animal. Especially right after bath time.
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    If I had to rank it, I'd say Animal Kingdom was my third favorite, after Epcot and Magic Kingdom. But the dinosaur dig was sort of fun! Until Dad told me we had to leave. And then--TRAGEDY.
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    Mom found me these amazing Mickey pants at a gift shop on Main Street, and then Mom and Dad decided to find matching shirts, because we've decided as a family that matching while on vacation is THE RADDEST.
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    Oh yes and by the way, I have a tail. ALWAYS WANTED ONE!
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    Oh my gosh can we visit the babies at It's A Small World again and again and again? Why do they live in there? I like to wave back at them, they are so fun!
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    No Mom, these aren't that cute.
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    Our hotel had this balcony (which Mom inspected, like, six times to make sure it was safe for me to be on) and sometimes I thought it was funny to go outside and then shut the door and watch Mom have a heart attack. Mom I'm the BIGGEST! What are you worried about? Also I can fly, didn't you know that?
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    Sand sand sand sand. I'm starting to get to the age where I like to do imaginative play by myself, and I hold very interesting conversations with myself. Mom loooves it. Mom loves everything I do though.
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    Dad could so not have found all our luggage by himself, isn't he so lucky to have me as his best helper at the airport?
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    Dad makes me hold his hand, I guess because he's not sure where he's going?
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    OH by the way. This is what bed head looks like on an airplane when your bed is actually your Mom's arm. Spiffy huh!
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    And this is me tasting my first apple juice! Mom doesn't give me juice EVER. She won't even buy it at the grocery store. Anyway, it's not a big deal, I didn't really like it. It won't stain my clothes nearly as effectively as chocolate milk will, so what do I need with it?
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    Guys, after being on vacation all week, all I wanna do is relax! Put my feet up! Watch a little Pooh Bear! Is that so much to ask?
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    This is Mom's favorite picture from the whole week. Every time someone besides Mom would try to take my picture I'd get really sullen and pouty. By the way, it was my Dad's idea to have us all in stripes this day. Mom thought it was so funny!
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    Well guys, I have to say, it's been a really rad week to be me this week. I wish you all could have come with us! Mom and Dad could have used a fourth and fifth pair of arms to carry me around the park with!
    Well, till next week!

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