This Week in the Toddler Times of Huckleberry Holbrook


Hi guys! It’s Huck! Here’s what I’ve been up to this week.

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    Hey guys! So, this week I've been REAL busy. Mostly I've been doing a lot of getting-into-stuff-I-don't-need-to-be-getting-into. It's the coolest! Here, I am getting into my friend Harper's shoe drawer. I mean, it was her idea!
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    You like my cool hat? Yeah, Mom makes me wear it. It's not even that cold in the apartment, Mom!
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    This is my new tent! It is SO COOL. Mom put it up in hopes that I would be distracted by it and stop messing with the Christmas tree so much. Yeah, I'm on to her. But, have you been inside a tent like this? Oh man, it's my favorite thing!
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    Every day after my afternoon nap Mom bundles me up and we go for long walks so she can do all her errands. Usually I wear a giant stroller sock. Yeah, it's pretty cozy. But sometimes I get so hot in it! And I have to kick it off! And then it gets run over by the stroller! And then Mom says a swear word real soft, like she thinks I can't hear it? So when the stroller sock is getting washed Mom bundles me up in this blue blanket. Do you think I look like a grandma? I'm secure enough in my manhood that I don't mind.
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    The other day Mom made me a smoothie. YOU GUYS SMOOTHIES ARE AMAZING.
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    So let's talk for a minute about this Santa business. Do you see the look on my face? Do you think I am impressed with this person? GUYS, I'M NOT GOING FOR IT.
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    Christmas trees though, okay, I'm cool with Christmas trees. And this one is really, really big! Soo big! It belongs to some feller named Rock? I don't know, I'm fuzzy on the details.
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    This is my Dad. I really love my Dad. I'm getting real good at giving kisses, too. See? Mom asks for one ALL the time. I love to give Mom kisses, but it's just that usually I'm real busy pulling all her books off the bookshelf? Timing, Mom. You know?
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    Do you know what is real sweet? Watching the Christmas lights glow from inside my tent.
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    Know what else is real sweet? BATH TIME. I love bath time! I like to get as messy as possible during dinner time so that I HAVE to have a bath after. I'm talking macaronis IN MY HAIR. Always seals the deal. Mom's not on to me yet, it's a super sneaky trick. Yeah, you can use it if you want. Works every time!
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    Anyway, life's pretty awesome when you're a thirteen-month-and-three-week-old VERY BIG BOY. Isn't it?

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