This Week in the Toddler Times of Huckleberry Holbrook

Hey dudes. It’s me, Huck, living for the weekend. Here’s what I’ve been up to lately.

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    Hey guys! Happy summer to you! This is a picture of me running around in the water at the playground wearing my CHURCH CLOTHES. Victory for little boys everywhere! Pats on the back and stuff!
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    How was your fourth of July? Did you get to eat a lot of hot dogs. I ALWAYS get to eat a lot of hot dogs. I mean, not to brag or anything.
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    This week I've been what Mom calls "a real turkey!" I guess because of these EMOTIONS. Being a toddler is real hard work, and sometimes I just FEEL SO MUCH and all I can do is sit on the floor and wail? And sometimes stomp my feet.
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    But then sometimes I am SO HAPPY I am going to BURST OUT OF MY SKIN! Sometimes all in the same five minutes! I know, it's a lot to keep up with.
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    Hey by the way, my Dad is the awesomest swing pusher there is in the whole world.
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    I'm getting two new teeth this week, so the front of my mouth looks sort of ouchey and red. Also my nose and eyes are running soooo much. And plus I'm all, food? In this kind of pain? You've gotta be kidding me. But I will take some boob please and I'll then get frustrated that I can't breathe enough to actually get anywhere with it, so expect lots of drama and arched backs and no woman you may NOT just wean me, I still have four more months till I'm two!
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    We'd been spending lots of time indoors cause it was so hot, and then finally the other day Mom was like, 'THAT'S IT! I'VE HAD IT!' Something about how she has a cabin fever. So I guess we were going out for some infant Tylenol for her cabin fever? I don't remember, I fell asleep about ten minutes after this.
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    DUDES. Check me.
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    Dad had the fourth off and the fifth too! But not the sixth. Weird, right? So we went to the Central Park Zoo. My Mom and Dad took me to see my first movie in the movie theatre this week -- we saw the new Madagascar movie! -- and I was a pretty good boy! I only got antsy twice and needed to make a trip to the escalators and ride them UUUUUP and DOWWWWN like five times and then I could sit still and focus again. So it was so fun to go to the real Central Park Zoo and see all the penguins. And the polar bears!
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    Mom snuck me some chocolate cupcake right before this shot. I don't think anybody noticed.
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    Yesterday was so super hot and I was just at total grouch the whole day, but Mom and Dad still took me to the playground at Washington Square Park and let me have chicken nuggets for lunch. I mean, they're not so bad, considering how I'm torturing them lately. I'll ease up . . . in a couple of years.
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    Well guys, hope you had a safe fourth of July and that you're all staying nice and cool in this heat! I'm going to attend to making a huge mess with these books and then I'm going to pass out for a nap, and then I'm probably going to wake up grumpy. Most likely anyway!
    Till next week!

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