This Week in the Toddler Times of Huckleberry Holbrook

Hi guys! Huck here. Here’s what I’ve been up to this week.

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    YOU GUYS CHECK ME OUT I AM IN A BALL PIT! Dad took me! He texted this picture to Mom and she wrote back and said "OMG WASH HIS HANDS BEFORE HE DIES!" Heehee!
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    It's been a good week guys! I learned how to put my rain boots on all by myself! Sometimes they're on the wrong foot, and when I want them off I have to get on all fours and kick them off backwards and sometimes Mom thinks it's funny and laughs (MOM, IT'S NOT FUNNY), but hey! I'm doing pretty great otherwise!
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    Emergency suckers are great because practically any moment can be made into an emergency, when you're as smart as me.
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    Okay so.... this week I realized that these cartoons are actually TALKING TO ME. They keep asking me questions and waiting for me to answer? I've started to tell them "No," no matter what the question is.
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    I mean, that's what I do when Mom asks me a question, so...
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    Although the other day I figured out that I could answer "OTAY!" and then Mom would give me whatever I wanted! So like the other day she asked me if I wanted to wear my hair in a mohawk and I said, "OTAY!"
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    And not to brag but I am the most suave gentleman EVER in a mohawk.
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    Oh this is my girlfriend Erin. My Mom and her mom set us up before Erin was even born. Guys, she's really cute. Do you think she likes me back?
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    I only have this one more thing to say about my mohawk and that is: Mohawks should be soft and somewhat messy. Too spiky and you are setting your child up for a life of vandalism and skate parks.
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    Hey the grocery store! Sometimes the people at the store want to talk to me and I get really upset and bury my head in my Mom and it's all just SO TERRIBLE. Other times the person is just SO FUNNY and I laugh and laugh and laugh. I think it has to do with how much lunch I've eaten that day. Low blood sugar is such a mood killer, you guys.
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    Mom is the best snuggle buddy. Don't tell the kids at the playground I said that, ok?
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    On Tuesday we walked all over the city with some of Mom's friends, it was so great! I fell asleep in my stroller, ate coconut buns and Shake Shack.. I thought it was the COOLEST.
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    Speaking of eating, look at me being a big boy feeding myself yogurt! Yogurt is my breakfast of choice these days. Usually I'm real responsible with it and only eat carefully and with respect for my Mother...
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    Well guys I have to go, this mess isn't gonna make itself!

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