This Week in the Toddler Times of Huckleberry Holbrook

Hey guys! Huck here. Here’s what all I’ve been up to this week.

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    Hey guys! How's it going? Oh, you know, pretty good, pretty good. Oh this? It's a french fry. Yeah, you like french fries? Me too! I eat french fries now. I used to not french fries. EV-ER. Isn't that weird?
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    But now I do. I don't know what changed! I guess I just got bigger and my tongue got interested in french fries! It's real cool, I traded my love for peas for this new love of french fries. Mom is NOT IMPRESSED. Haha, sorry, peas!
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    Oh yeah, so, sleeping. I guess I need, like, a whole night's sleep in the middle of the day! When I take a nap I sleep soooo long, and when I try to wake up I just can't! It's so weird. Sometimes when I wake up I am SO GROUCHY! I could melt the walls with my angry eyes!
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    I've been such a good walker lately. Mom and Dad are finally able to trust me on a wide sidewalk when there's no traffic and not any pigeons to get me excited. YOU GUYS. CHASING PIGEONS. Have you tried it? You should try it.
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    Mom and Dad and I discovered a playground a couple blocks by our favorite lunch spot so one day I got to go and sit in the fountain and then prowl along this really cool mural like Wile E. Coyote. Pret-ty Cool.
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    Nemo says hi. Oh Nemo!
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    I spend so much time sleeping that Mom's been able to fine tune her skills in nap photography. My Mom needs to get a new hobby.
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    Sometimes I like to fall asleep on her, just to mix things up! I mean, I don't know, cause I'm asleep, but I get the impression that when I do fall asleep on her, all she does is stare at me. Cause I'm rad.
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    SOCCER BALL. Mom and Dad told me to "kick it!" but I was like, WHY would I kick it AWAY from me? I just want to hug it and love it and run around with it, is that so wrong??
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    Grocery shopping. I am the best grocery shopper. Sometimes I can get my mom to open a box of cookies while we're still at the store, just to make me stop whining! Okay so it only happened once, but it is my solemn vow that I will make it happen EVERY TIME.
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    Napping. I do this so much lately. And Mom can't even figure out when it'll happen, because I like to keep her on her toes. Noon one day, not till four the next. HAH! Take THAT, scheudles!
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    Usually I nap in the big bed. I put Donald Duck there on the bedside table because sometimes when I wake up I like to be able to talk about my super significant dreams with someone I love. And me and D are, like, real tight.
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    New words I picked up this week: Book, Deer, Moo (my cow). New phrases: OH NOOO!!!! and NOOOO MOOOOOM! Very dramatic phrases. I use them often. ;)
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    This is Moo. He's a cow. MOO! He's a real funny guy. Mom says he is actually a SHE. Udders, right?
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    Moo and I have had many adventures together this week. We're bonded. I'm pretty sure he's going to be best man at my wedding.
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    Well, Moo and I have things to investigate around the house. The bath tub, the toilet, all of Mom's boots, and the book box, so I better run. Till next week!

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