This Week in the Toddler Times of Huckleberry Holbrook

Hi guys! Huck here. Here’s what I’ve been up to this week.

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    Hi guys! How are you doing? Me? I'm totally great! Thanks for asking!
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    Check out this rad bike! It's a four seater. LIke the minivan of bikes! Dad and his friend Tony are totally showing me all the cool parts of bikes cause I'm such a big boy now. Yeah, we talk about sports and business and look at bikes together. I know!
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    Did you guys have a rad Labor Day weekend? We did! Mom and Dad took me to Coney Island on Friday to see the ocean. It totally wasn't my first time seeing it you guys, I've been around the block.
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    Then on Saturday we walked across the Brooklyn Bridge and I got to look at all the water taxis! Oh my gosh. WATER TAXIS. For the rest of the day I kept reminding my Dad how cool it was when we saw that water taxi. A boat? A boat? I probably said the word "boat" like twenty million times that afternoon. Just cause it is SUCH a cool word to say, and how totally amazing am I that I can say it so well? Over and over and over?
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    That's been my biggest change this week. I used to talk a lot of gibberish words (Mom says) and very little actual English. Why speak English when Mom and I speak MY language perfectly well? But ever since I've been learning the real words for things, they're all I want to say! So instead of complete sentences of nonsense, I'm focusing on one word at a time, saying it over and over, but only when it's the right word to use. Mom thinks it's really funny, and sort of awesome. Like, she claps a lot lately? I guess I'm pretty impressive.
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    All this development in my verbal skills has made me want to nurse like CRAZY. Mom figures it's because growing up can feel overwhelming and I must need some extra comforting snuggles. She's been dropping these hints though? Something about my second birthday and how that's IT? I'll have to work on convincing her otherwise. I mean, do you know how many times I've been sick in two years? Never, that's how many times. Come on, Mom. Let's reassess this.
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    Hey so this guy is named Sam. Sam Wiggins. We met last week and it was LOVE! He's a pretty cool dude. He speaks about as much English as I do! :)
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    Uh, Hello? Yeah? Oh, yeah. Okay. Uhhhhhh. Yeah. Bye.
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    Oh that was just a phone call, no big deal.
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    Dad's been working really crazy hours this month. It's his busy season at work, and some days I don't see him at all! It's that much MORE fun when I do see him, though, because we play SUPER HARD to make up for all the missed time! Though sometimes I do feel unsure about things when he leaves again, since I'm not sure when I'll see him again. Tonight? Tomorrow morning in the big bed? This afternoon? Being a toddler is confusing stuff.
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    This is my favorite chair in the house, on account of I'm pretty sure one of these days I can get it to tip over backwards, and because every time I try Mom gets ALL flustered. It's like, Mom! Cool down! I'm such a big kid, you think I can't handle a little tipping rocker? Please! That's the point here!
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    I also like to color. Moooostly on paper. But preferably on walls.
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    My Grandma Jumie came in town for a day on a layover on her way to Paris, and she brought me this candy bar. By the way it tastes like HEAVEN. (I like to spit the peanuts out on the floor--the reaction I get is priceless!)
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    So can we talk about snuggling? Usually, apart from when I'm nursing, I'm not much of a cuddler. But this week I sort of figured out that cuddling is super awesome. Mom loves it too. She rubs my back or tickles my head and it's pretty much the best. Cuddling! Try it, kids.
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    Napping continues to be amazing. Three hours! It's like i unlocked the secret to napping. And it is . . . . having your hand on your Mom's boob. I mean... MY boob. Let's not forget.
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    Well guys, me and Dad are off to have some grand adventures, so I have to run! Have a great week and stuff!

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