This Week in the Toddler Times of Huckleberry Holbrook

Hey guys! Huck here. How YOU doin? Here’s what I’ve been up to this week.

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    Hey dudes. Well, I had a real big week this week! We went on a big road trip, and I grew AT LEAST an inch and a half, Mom swears it!
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    First there is the matter of my sleeping habits. I have decided..... NOT to sleep in my crib anymore. Just to mix things up. I AM CLINGY, MOTHER, DO NOT PUT ME DOWN! That sort of thing? She LOVES it you guys.
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    Then there is the matter of my cultural upbringing and knowledge of our American History. Right, so... Mom and Dad took me to see Philadelphia! This is me sporting a classic three-corner hat and nautical style sweater. Everywhere I went ladies kept telling me I looked European, and I was like DUH YOU GUYS. I am sooo American.
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    Dad found this cool leaf bug thing on one of our walks around Historic Philly and picked it up to show me. Mom was SO impressed with Dad that day. Note to self: picking up neat bugs to show to little babies is super cool to girls. Don't forget that.
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    Shhh. Stroller nap.
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    Hey oh pumpkins! These decisions are sort of overwhelming. Any and all jokes referencing The Great Pumpkin went right over my head. (Haven't been introduced to that one yet, we're still on Snoopy Come Home. Yeah, it's a Classic.)
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    Hey Dad, can I have this awesome rocket ship pretty please?
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    This is me and Dad at the National Air and Space Museum in Washington D.C. We are SO piloting this plane. Look out!
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    And this is me and Mom at the Vietnam Memorial later that night. Yeah, it was pretty rainy.
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    This is me and Mom NOT smiling. We are so versatile in photos you guys.
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    Hey so we rode the D.C. Metro to get to and from our hotel in Alexandria? And yeah that's all this is about.
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    WHO'S BAD?
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    Right, I can almost reach this display of rocket ships but you guys, I totally might need some help paying for them.
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    This is my Dad. He picked out a baseball tee to match my baseball tee because he loves me SO MUCH and when you love someone SO MUCH you dress to match them. This is what Mom tells me anyway.
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    Come on I just want the white rocket ship that goes BLAST OFF when I hold it. Please?
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    Case in point re: matching outfits, Dad loves me like, a lot.
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    This is me and my Mom at Mount Vernon, where George Washington lived like a total baller/shot caller.
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    We had so much fun on our road trip! I even got used to riding around in a car seat JUST IN TIME to get back to the city and not need to get in a car anymore for a long time. Them's the breaks!
    Until next week!


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