This Week in the Toddler Times of Huckleberry Holbrook

Hey guys! Huck here. Here’s what I’ve been up to this week.

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    Hey dudes! So.... this week, you guys. Well, for starters, my Dad's been out of town this week, so it's just been me and Mom.
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    Before Dad left for the week he dressed me in this cute little get up. Please appreciate the stripes on stripes action. And the sticker too 'cause look, there was an election this week and I will ALWAYS vote my conscience, and my conscience ALWAYS lies with Mickey.
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    It got real cold this week so Mom tricked out the stroller in all our cold-weather essentials, like this STROLLER SOCK. Look. I'm not happy about it.
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    But I AM happy about how quiet the playgrounds have been this week! Shhh. Don't bother the sleeping rats.
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    Before the big Nor'easter blew in, Mom took me to the Central Park Zoo. There's this big spider web thing here? Don't ask me. I didn't actually get it. Am I supposed to be the spider here? Or the dinner?
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    Mom took this picture me of on that one day this week when that one kid came up and coughed in my face and then I came down with a cold and then Mom came down with a cold and then Mom was all, "Curse you November!"
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    Cold or no cold, getting coughed on by a big kid is SO COOL.
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    Mom took this photo of us on Tuesday after we waited on line for two hours so that she could vote. I asked her to do a write in cause I think a Mickey/Donald ticket would be the greatest thing for this country!
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    Let it be known that I don't want to watch Charlie and Lola anymore, now I want to watch Peter Pan. I just love that ticking crocodile!
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    On Wednesday is snowed and snowed and snowed so Mom took me to a friend's roof so we could play in it!
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    Mom's footprints are so much bigger than mine!
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    I made myself a snowball and Mom let me bring it inside and then about ten minutes later it was JUST GONE. I looked EVERYWHERE for it and was pretty horrified but then there were minimarshmallows and I got distracted?
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    Mom took me to Target the other day, taught me to say "Flower," and then told me I'd make a really pretty little girl.
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    That's true and all but I make a REALLY FREAKING RAD little boy.
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    Shhh. Watching the election results come in. I don't think Mickey stands much of a chance. Too bad, he had such a strong fiscal policy plan.
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    Till next week!

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