This Week in the Toddler Times of Huckleberry Holbrook

Hey guys, Huck here. Here’s what I’ve been up to lately.

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    I'm getting pretty good at eating all sorts of food. Today I tried Brazilian coxinhas. They were so great! Here I am enjoying a lovely meal of strawberries, spinach rice pilaf, and sparkling water. Mom says the trick is to starve me in between meals, instead of offering constant snacks. Except for Emergency Suckers, I'm mostly off the snacks. SUCH A BIG BOY DUDES.
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    Yeah, Thanksgiving is the greatest! We got to go outside and watch the Macy's balloons float past. And you know, any excuse to refuse a coat is a good excuse when you're a toddler. Because as we all know, toddlers NEVER get cold. It's like a scientific fact. Coat schmoat!
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    This is Mom. Mom, it turns out, is ALL-RIGHT. She takes me fun places all the time, like to the park, and she is a never ending source of chocolate milk. Seriously, she's magic! I just tell her I want to nurse and then suddenly it's "Want some chocolate milk instead?" and I'm like, Mom you only THINK you're winning. I'M WINNING. Who wants to nurse when there's magic chocolate milk around?
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    Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah! And also Happy Thanksgiving! This is my cousin Theo. He came to hang out with me over Thanksgiving weekend.
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    This is me at the playground! In a bear ear sweater!
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    Going up and down stairs as smoothly as I do should be a CRIME.
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    Park days are my favorite days! When it rains and we can't go out, I get real mopey. But this is the BEST!
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    Mom thinks I make the most amazing facial expressions. I think Mom is silly.
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    Just kidding, look at me!
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    The appropriate way to stock a stroller. Buzz. Mickey. Not at the same time. Also I want you to offer them at different points along our walk, and don't even think of offering me the wrong guy, Mom! I want Buzz when I want Buzz, I want Mickey all the other times!
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    I've started talking a whole lot lately! I like learning new words and it's so fun when I can tell Mom what I want and then get it! I still like to talk more than I have real words for, so mostly I mix my baby babble in with the real words. Mom calls it "Hucklish." Yeah, it's a romance language.
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    Mom says she struggles with whether she should work with me on pronouncing words perfectly every time, or if she should just savor my age while I'm here and let me say my silly versions of words while I'm still little. I'll let her figure that one out. But I'm pretty sure I'll get it right soon enough, and then she'll miss it.
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    Oh, just getting some work done with Dad.... Important emails, Mickey cartoons...
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    Here we be straight lounging.
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    This is me at play school. All those kids sitting there listening to the story when there are toys right behind this door? What is wrong with them??
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    Here I am sleeping. Yeah, when you're learning a whole bunch of new words, sleeping sort of isn't too high on my priorities anymore. Mom thinks this is a bummer.
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    Shh. Mickey.
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    This is me and Mom at my favorite restaurant EVER. Chipotle. Gimme brown rice, with a side of brown rice, plus some brown rice on the side. Oh. Some chocolate milk will be fine, too.
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    Well guys, Christmas is coming and I'm busy being a real good boy so that jerk Santa doesn't come around and steal my toys. Hope you are having a lovely holiday season!
    Till next week,

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