Three Cheers For Playing In The Dirt


I am so happy that it will be spring in just two weeks.

Of course, spring in Ohio typically means more of the same cold weather, and even snow, but it also signals that summer is the next season on the horizon, and we really need some summer in this family.

Yesterday was unusually mild, and Evan was able to go outside to play. His needs are pretty simple when he goes into the back yard to play, and his favorite tools are a spoon and a coffee can — the perfect utensils for digging-in-the-dirt fun!

I don’t mind that his clothes and coat get dirty, and that we have to shake the mud out of his sneakers. He is happiest playing in the dirt, and it is so fun to watch his little mind at work as he scoops and scrapes in the soil with a metal spoon. This is what real fun is all about.

I bought the house I grew up in a few years ago, and last summer while mowing, my husband saw something shiny sticking up out of the ground. After some digging, he found an old spoon.

I recognized the pattern from a set of silverware that we used when I was a kid, and I told my husband that it was probably one of my “digging spoons.” I also loved to play in the dirt as a small child.

What kinds of simple activities does your child like to participate in outdoors? Do you mind him or her getting messy?

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